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  1. ok, anyone knows about actions taken by government in Guanacaste because of waterproblems that locals have? are there development/projects stopped? take a look at this Youtube-video:
  2. then also MY reply on this text of the poster was taken down by the poster
  3. what is happening here in this forum?? i very clearly remember an answer here (i came back to see it again) and now its removed. does the management of this forum does not like to have this information here? que pasa?
  4. i just read this on craigslist in the realestate section: ' The land being developed by us is located on the south Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, a mile north from Puerto Viejo de Limon, very close to Playa Negra, there is going to be a new marina.' is this correct? anybody knows? as far as i know it was cancelled. (the marina)
  5. c'mon mod. maybe its allowed in this section to advertise but its really not a response to the start of the topic which is about the trends in realestate in CR. although it pretty much demonstrates the pressure some developers must feel, which might be a trend (but i dont think the advertiser had this in mind). but maybe just start your own topic with your own header instead. so maybe lets continue with the start; trends we see in CR when i speak to to people active in realestate in central valley i hear that hardly anything sells and they move to rentals which is supposed to be relatively ok. in saw in nosara that the selling was slow, but somehow it moves and prices hardly dropped, in other places in guanacaste i saw prices drop much more. but everywhere its slow. and i dont know about jaco from my own observations but would really be interested to hear from others how this huge overcapacity affects the prices, all the best to miamidavid but the 'joke' of kahuna might have some truth in it. but lets hear something from a real Jaco expert; david??
  6. ok, maybe my post was not clear; yes, i heard this was (only) in certain parts. not in whole gte. but anybody knows where you verify this kind of information?
  7. today i heard that because of problems with availability of drinkingwater in some areas in Guanacaste, no more buildingpermits are given. my questions is: can anybody tell me where this (probably public) information can be found? i would like to verify what i heard.
  8. i think you have to do the math yourself. dont expect a site to be realistic. tico┬┤s like to put objects overpriced for for sale in the internet, maybe someone buys. a bit like its a lottery for free. if someone is living in a house thats for sale, i would be very carefull on starting a negotiation.
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