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In August 2008, at the age of 58, both my wife and I lost our jobs do to a crumbling economy. Thank goodness, because we both hated work and wanted to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Unfortunately, we could not afford to retire in the country of our birth US, so we opted for Pura Vida.


We are both young at heart and adventurous, although not crazy adventurous. No way am I jumping off a bridge with a rubber band tied around my ankles. But we will careen down a river sporting class V rapids whenever we have the opportunity or fly across the rain forest canopy attached to a thin piece of wire.


We have two grown sons. One is married with two kids, the other is living the single life. Without sounding too selfish, Fran and I decided that the first half of our life was dedicated to raising two fantastic kids. The second half will be dedicated to us.



]We have created a VIDEO CHRONICLE of our experiences, researching, moving to and living in Costa Rica on our website.



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