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  1. I want it put to rest because there are almost NO FACTS surfacing. It's all conjecture, hyperbole, innuendo and in some cases, flat out lies and distortion. It's much worse on CRL, but it seems that all the wackos who either hate the US, hate Obama or think the US is launching a major military assault on Latin America seem to surface to voice their paranoiac rhetoric.
  2. Perhaps now after all the USA haters and conspiracy theorists have had their say... can we now put this topic to rest?
  3. I just wanted to introduce myself and my website to you. We are Andy and Fran Browne and we host a video blog called Boomers Offshore (http://www.BoomersOffshore.com) We are chronicling our adventures researching, moving to and living in Costa Rica. If we can help, please feel free to contact us from our website.

  4. Neea... you didn't offend me. By the way, before coming here, I sold my Nissan 350Z Roadster for which I worked my ass off! It was an awesome car but given the situation of lousy roads and the propensity of becoming a crime target, I opted to sell it and buy a car more suitable to my local environment... a 2007 Diahatsu Terio Bego. Pura vida...
  5. I just love it when people ASK for information and assistance. They GET the information they were seeking. And in the end, do what they want to ANYWAY! You most certainly have the right to own a big, flashy vehicle here in CR. But what many of us were advising you is that it may not be such a good idea. You wanted advice and you got it. It appears that you don't like the advice you got. Just don't start complaining when you can't find a parking place in downtown Alajuela or your monster truck gets clipped on a very tight turn on the Autopista. All I can say to you is good luck.
  6. Disclaimer: This is strictly my opinion based on observations and conversations with people who have already done what you are planning. A Lincoln Navigator (as we all know) is a huge, over the top, monster vehicle. It's the kind of vehicle that screams out "wealthy gringos on board." If you want to make yourself a target for crime, bring it here. If you want to endure the anxiety of not being able to get certain needed parts if and when the car breaks down... bring it here. If you want to pay excessive shipping costs and tariffs, bring it here. If you are hell bent on bringing a car, sell the bloody Navigator and get yourself a Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota Rav4, or Isuzu Trooper or something of that ilk. Better yet, save the hassles of shipping a car and buy one here. Depending on where you live, driving that thing through the streets of San Jose will make you ripe for a car jacking or if you decide to live in a place like San Ramon or Grecia, the size of the streets and available parking will cause you massive headaches.
  7. Rodrigo... thank you for your rapid reply.

  8. I have made several videos which talks about this subject. Please check out www.BoomersOffshore.com . I regret not bringing my propane grill. They are expensive here.

  9. Having lived in Los Angeles Sur for almost a year, we are seeking a new place to live. We have set our sights on the northern beach area of Playa Coco/Hermosa in Guanacaste. We are looking for a long term house rental. Here are our our requirements: 2b/2b with an office or 3b/2b Furnished (this is a huge plus but not a deal breaker) 5 min or less walk to the beach (MUST) Air conditioning Gringo style amenities High speed internet Cable or sat TV Pet friendly (we have a well trained 18 mo. lab) pool (nice plus) We will prepay 6 months rent in advance Can move anytime but our current lease expires in March. Our current rental in Los Angeles Sur will become available if anyone is interested.
  10. Email me at andy@boomersoffshore.com

  11. I think my year may be up and that renewal is in order. How do I find out if it is time to renew so that I can do it online. I also need to change my address so that my ARCR magazine will get properly delivered.
  12. Instead of mailing out El Residente to us gringos not yet in country... how about turning it into a PDF and email them to us!!!!
  13. Renting versus Buying

    My plan was to rent for 6-9 months, travel around before deciding. Then (and only then) establish roots. But what I am reading here is that I should just invest the proceeds of my house sale from the states and rent. I understand that will maximize my freedom but are there any negatives I should be thinking about? Does not owning property impact my potential residency status? Thanks folks... keep the comments a flowing. :-)
  14. In the States, there are benefits to buying a house versus renting one. Aside from the obvious advantages like the ability to lower your US tax obligation as well as the financial appreciation from the resale of one's property, buying versus renting is a huge step. As a soon to be retiree, with no plans on making my kids rich, my wife and I want to live life as complete as possible for the next 25+ years (God willing). So by big question is ... do I BUY a house (provided I do my due diligence) and find the right place in the right area or do I RENT and not be encumbered by house ownership. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the pros and cons of both scenarios.