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  1. Andy Browne

    Exit Fees

    This is an awesome suggestion. Muchas gracias.
  2. Andy Browne

    Where is your favorite beach?

    Since I live at Playa Hermosa (Guanacaste), I am partial to my home beach (250 meters from my house). However, when I want to go boogie boarding I head south to Playa Avellanas, just south of Tamarindo. Great waves for riding and a pet pig to play with!
  3. Andy Browne

    Exit Fees

    We are making our first trip back to the States in October. Now that we have our cedulas, are we still required to pay the $26.00 exit fee at the airport? In addition, I am told we can now use the CR Resident's line on our return, which is generally shorter, true or false? And lastly, upon our arrival in Atlanta, if the Foreign line at immigration is shorter, can we use that and show them a cedula and US passport? Do I still sound like a TYPE-A kind of guy? I'm working on it!
  4. Andy Browne

    It Only Took 581 Days!

    We will be receiving US Social Security security in just two years so will that make a difference? Sounds like it would.
  5. From the day I dropped off all my signed, notarized, authenticated, translated and consularized documents to my Costa Rican residency attorney, it took 581 days for Fran and I to get our cedula. Everything went smooth as glass except for one small hiccup. Migracion wanted one word changed on our Rentista Financial Guarantee letter. We had to change the word "could" to "would". That little fix set us back just over 90 days by the time we got that one document reissued and run through the bureaucratic gauntlet and back into the hands of out attorney. Fortunately for us, we received our folio numbers just two weeks before we needed to make our first border run. So finally, after 581 days of eager anticipation, Fran and I are now legal, temporary residents of Costa Rica. In three years, we'll have the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency but now begs the question... WHY? As I understand it, there are a few benefits. NO WORK RESTRICTION NO FINANCIAL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS VERY SMALL TIME ONE MUST REMAIN IN COUNTRY TO REMAIN PERMANENT Did I get that right? Now, for us to go permanent, it will cost us somewhere in the area of $1500-2000, with the aid of a CR Residency Attorney, to accomplish this feat. I need to mull over in my LC (limited capacity) brain is it worth it? Not sure yet. If anybody has any thoughts, I love to hear it.
  6. I just returned from the International Living Conference held in San Jose this past week. One of the presenters referred to a new law called the "U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA which goes into effect January 1, 2013. The presenter made it sound like on that date, any money's transferred from any U.S. bank account into a foreign bank account will be subject to a 30% immediate withholding deduction. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any clarification on this statement following the presentation. Subsequent searches on the internet revealed that there is such a plan but after trying to sort through all the legaleze and mumbo jumbo, I was more confused than ever. So my questions are: Does anybody have any real, hardcore information on FATCA that can be explained in simple, everyday English? Is there anything to really fear? And please... if you have no facts to add to this thread, please say nothing. If you want to make a political statement, please don't. This is potentially a very important topic and I would like to see it remain on track and not become a platform for any political opinions. Thanks for any assistance.
  7. I am looking for a place to refill my propane tank (US connection). I live in Guanacaste. Can go anywhere in Hermosa, Coco, Panama, Sardinal or Liberia (if need be). Any idea where there is a supplier?
  8. Andy Browne

    Visa Extension or 3 Day Trip?

    Is your TACA ticket fully refundable? If YES, then you are OK. If not, then you own it! Just a note... The airport code for Juan Santamaria Airport near San Jose Airport is actually SJO. JSM refers to Jose De San Martin Airport in Argentina. :-)
  9. My wife and I applied in Jan 09 as Rentistas. We are obligated to bring in $2000/month (grandfathered under old law). All we needed to do was to have our Financial planner (Raymond James & Associates) write a letter GUARANTEEING this monthly deposit. So far so good. We were just notified that we have our resolutions. Now its just a matter time trying to get a date with Migracion for our final pix. At that point our cedulas will be mailed to the Post Office in Playas del Coco where we pick them up. Nobody has ever mentioned to us that we have to make a cash deposit!
  10. I want it put to rest because there are almost NO FACTS surfacing. It's all conjecture, hyperbole, innuendo and in some cases, flat out lies and distortion. It's much worse on CRL, but it seems that all the wackos who either hate the US, hate Obama or think the US is launching a major military assault on Latin America seem to surface to voice their paranoiac rhetoric.
  11. Perhaps now after all the USA haters and conspiracy theorists have had their say... can we now put this topic to rest?
  12. This is definitely a gray area. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't CR law permit the opening and managing of a business in CR with the caveat that day to day work must be performed by legal, permanent residents or citizens? In the case of the B&B, this couple is allowed to own the business, manage it (including all the clerical stuff) but when it comes to domestic duties, lawn and gardening etc, they are NOT permitted to do that work (at least by law).
  13. Andy Browne

    moving to CR

    Creaves sounds like many of the gringos who want to move here only to find their hopes and dreams squashed by reality. Cindy, you are so right on target. This person is all over the place and has no idea what Costa Rica is all about. This person needs to start listing the reasons WHY they want to move here. Then progress to the PROS and CONS on moving here. Then figure out WHAT the reasons are for leaving their home country.
  14. Andy Browne


    Since moving to to the beach 6 months ago, I have been out fishing 4 times. Unable to afford the really nice boats, they go for $1200-1500 for the day, I have been out on small, 35-37', center console outboards. We fished in-shore, mostly around Papagayo. Hals day rates averaged $250 with $500 being a fair all day rate. Be careful, I hear that these same guys charge gringo tourists (easy to identify) $400 for half day trips. . What you call cattle boats, I call "party boats." I have never seen one here in Costa Rica. Those boats mostly drift. Fishing boats here mostly troll.
  15. Andy Browne


    Knowing where you live would be a big help. But if you are in the Escazu area, check out EPA. If you are in Liberia area, check out the Do It Center.

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