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  1. Hello Travelbum62, This is too funny, we hired a taxi driver, Gerardo Villegas for a couple of days and looked around for houses with property. Gerardo is a multi tasking, english speaking, do it all, go to person taxi driver. 506.8892.3513, he is an extremely honest person, who will work for you. E-mail: taxitsjcr@hotmail.com Tell him Nancy & Herbert sent you. Word of mouth I feel is the best way around. We drove around looking at the different areas to live, the taxi driver then asked different locals what was available. We did this for several days. When looking for property even a rental it is best if a local does the talking and looking for you. This is when you get the local price instead of the Gringo price which is usually higher than double than the local price. Once he found a "deal" for us he would then tell them it is for friends of his and then bring us into the deal. We talked to the owners and came to an agreement and then went to the lawyer, Romulo Pacheco Sibaja, who happens to be the lawyer for ARCR. 506.2255.1592 Tell him Nancy & Herbert sent you. The lawyer is really cool...he is upfront and tells you like it is...absolutely no B.S. So far the property that we picked has a clear title and we are in the middle of purchasing. I am giving phone numbers for these two people because they have done a wonderful job for us, even now since we are back in the states, they are still working for us. I love the experience that we had in C.R. I hope this helps you and others who will read the blog. Nancy & Herb
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