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  1. My husband & I have 2 scooter's that are about a year old ( 150cc). Can you please tell me how we can figure what the import taxes will be on these? Any info on import taxes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It tells you on the web site: therealcostarica.com $24 yr for a license B
  3. No, we have never been. We want to retire there, but want to come & stay at least 3-4 months before we make any kind of move. When we do decide to buy we want to stay under $100k so we can do some kind of remodel. But we just want to rent for the first year or so, just want to have a place before we get off the plane. Trying not to get the horse before the cart. Thanks for your help.
  4. We have been looking on the internet @ rental properties & just checking out what kind of houses are in Costa Rica, I was very disappointed. The houses were like shacks, figure of speaking, & the prices are rediculous for what they are showing. Please tell me there is better affordable housing there than what the net shows. We have read that you can rent for as little as $500 month, does this mean a 2 room house? We are looking in the areas in & around Atenas & Cartago. Cool days. We are coming @ the end of July. Good grief, we don't know where to start. Please advise. Is there someone who is willing to email us with some help? Thanks.
  5. Could someone tell me if there is any type of freshwater fishing in CR. What type of fish (bass, bream) ? We are planning on bringing all our tackle, rods etc. Thanks The Rushings
  6. We are wanting to rent when we come to live in CR. We don't want to live in the crowded city, maybe about 1 hr away. We are looking for a general location in the central valley or in the mountain area. When I look on the internet at properties, there are so many names that are not on the maps. Could someone help with names, general directions etc. Nothing in the super high $ range, just comfortable. Thanks for you time. Belinda
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