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  1. Hey TG, You made a comparison between the US invasion of Iraq and a man walking down a street who comes across a woman being raped. You made this analogy which I quote below: "That man has four choices that I can see. He can: 1. Participate in and enjoy the rape. 2. Just stand there and watch the rape. 3. Turn his back and walk safely away. 4. Use his power and strength to stop the rape, even at a risk to his own life." Well, I respectfully disagree with the logic of this analogy. First of all Iraq was not necessarily 'raping' anyone other than her own citizens. Not that Saddam was a saint, but you can't really believe that it is the duty of the USA to invade and destroy all morally repugnant regimes lest the USA be called complicit or cowardly. It is simply impractical and impossible not to mention incredibly presumptuous and arrogant for the USA on its own to monitor and invade the worlds' despots. Who will start with Bush and his regime by the way? Nothing 'needed to be done' in Iraq. There was no immediate or gathering threat. An autocratic regime that indulged in corruption and persecution of minorities? Yes, but so has the US over the years. But anyway, following your logic, that something needed to be done, then how do you explain the US policy on North Korea? Which is: Hey you Japan and China and South Korea, could you please take care of this mad man threatening us with nuclear weapons he has already made with the help of our ally Pakistan's technology. Avoiding Iraq is not a case of turning one's back on a woman being raped. You simply can't make such a linear parallel to a complex situation. There were diplomatic channels at work since the end of the first Gulf War. They were making progress apparently as Saddam indeed had no WMD. On a final note, I find it interesting that anyone with any known connections to terrorists or any former-members of the Iraqi power structure would surely be bundled away for endless interrogations. Well how about our good friend Rummy? He and the Reagan admin had no problem whatsoever gassing Kurds. Check it out: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB82/ Let's put an end to this disgrace called Bush. Throw out this blue-blood frat boy punk. Cheers, Tokyo
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