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  1. since you need to prove a 600.00 dollar a month credit toward renewing your residency I have a question...I have a dollar checking account and a colone savings account at bcr...does it matter which account the 600.00 a month goes into or does it have to go into the colone account...tks
  2. The whole healthcare law is unconstitutional....It needs to be dropped...
  3. I have a friend who bought beach front home in pavones for 85,000...spent a little more to renovate but very nice house...no title ...he took the chance...loves it..
  4. shea I am bringing a great dane to costa rica in july..using a class 7 kennel which is the biggest allowed..only continental airlines will fly a dog during the summer months..so far so good...have her look continental up on the internet and scroll to live animals.I think this will do it for her...369.00$ one way..I have to fly tampa to houston to san jose..she definitely will fly to houston then it depends on the size of the plane whether she can continue on..also they only take 1 animal per flight so book early..
  5. Hello out there in costa rica..I personally dont want to buy and live in a condo at Jaco..but I am looking for a nice rental home in atenas..from what I hear rentals are tight since there is no money avaliable to buy..moving down in July and need a place to live...budget is flexible ....any ideas from anyone tks