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  1. Bob- again man, I can't tell you how much your information is helping me. So knowledgeable and willing to share. I have gone to you website and read it thoroughly. I think I will be contacting you there from now on. I need real concrete answers before I plunge into my Costa Rican life. Thanks so much, John
  2. Bob, Thank you so much. Not only did you answer my question but the link had a lot of valuable information. John
  3. Recently when in CR I looked at property in Cahuita. I found some but it was close to the beach and I was told it was concession and was in the maritime Zone. I emailed the realtor, this was her response: "About your Maritime zone question, I could tell you that the owner has done all the procedures to obtain titles and the documents are in the hands of a lawyer that is an expert in maritime zoning. If you are seriously, I would suggest that you make an official offer with the condition that the lawyer ensure you that she could traspass the demand for title to you." I have read as muc
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