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My name is Mike and I have dreamed of living in Costa Rica since the 90's.


My wife and I are selling some lots in the San Ramon area - on the road out past Magallanes - and we hope that selling a couple of lots will allow us to build our dream home in Costa Rica.


In spite of the fact that I have a web site to sell lots, I am not a "developer"; at least, not professionally, as in one who specifically buys land in order to make a living. We bought the land and intended to keep it all to ourselves. But as the economy in the U.S. went bad, we decided we'd HAVE TO subdivide the property and live on just one "lot" and sell off the other 4. If that's a "developer" then okay fine, but I don't consider myself a "developer"; just a guy who needs to sell off some of our land so we can build a home there.


I love the Tico people and have Tico friends, and while there are problems unique to living in Costa Rica, I think those problems are preferable to the problems of living in California.


All I want to do is live on my own land and grow my own veges and fruit and enjoy the natural abundance of nature and wildlife in Costa Rica.


Mike or "Sam Ramon"

p.s. I have written several articles posted on my site (http://www.ranchosilencio.com/) about "How to Buy Real Estate In Costa Rica", "How To Choose An Attorney In Costa Rica" and "How to Open a Bank Account in Costa Rica", "How To Check a Property Title" and so on. You may find some of these writings helpful if you decide to buy in Costa Rica.

p.s. If you know anyone who has the same dream and would like to buy one of our beautiful ocean view lots near San Ramon, please refer them to our web site:


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