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  1. Igor

    US dollars or Colons?

    Thanks all, appreciate your input so much.
  2. Igor

    Fear and Daunting

    By pure chance we didn't buy a lot and start building a house on a steep slope near Grecia in 2010. Currently we are living between Ontario and Florida. Curious about current trends in CR about electrical and water supplies, criminal situation, and cost of living in dollars. Realize strong positive sides of living in Costa Rica, but still not daring to quit remaining North American relative stability.
  3. Igor

    US dollars or Colons?

    Forgot if it matters to have only great shape USD bills in CR or worn and written on ones are also OK? Please, advise
  4. Igor

    Car rental

    Thanks. Renting from Adobe, hopefully their cars are filled. Maybe there is a chance to exchange USD at LIR on Sunday.
  5. Igor

    Car rental

    Thanks Mark, Do they take dollars? Don't know where in Liberia to exchange on Sunday.
  6. Igor

    Car rental

    How much is 1 L of regular gasoline in Guanacaste currently? Payable in USD or CRC?
  7. Hello, can we pay exit tax upon arrival on Sunday at Liberia airport and how much is it? Thanks
  8. Igor

    Bringing Food in Carry-On Luggage?

    Did anyone bring hard cheese to Liberia recently?
  9. Hello, Are there SIMs to buy at Liberia airport? Thanks
  10. Igor

    Car rental

    Thanks Eleanor and and Dana, I had been considering move to CR for about 5 years, made several trips, so I pretty much know what to expect from rental agencies.
  11. Igor

    Car rental

    Eleanor, Vamos sold out economy cars on my days. I made reservations at Thrifty and Avis so far (they don't ask credit card info upfront). But it's not clear what extra they will try to charge on the spot. Waiting for a CDW coverage letter from my card provider if it makes any sense. As to Economy - they promise to show all the total cost right away, provided 15% of the rent is paid in advance.
  12. Igor

    Car rental

    Does anybody have experience with the Economy Car Rentals? They are offering low price with liability insurance included, free cancellation. But they want about 15% of the rental cost paid upfront (at reservation)
  13. Igor

    Car rental

    Good day everyone, Can I rent a car in Liberia on Debit Visa car? I understand that buying 3-rd party liability insurance is a must now in CR. Can I decline other insurances?
  14. Hi Mark, Is there other way except Masterpago to pay from abroad? I understand if airtime is not bought 1-2 days after expiry date I will loose my pre-paid phone number. Thanks
  15. Can anybody advice an English speaking dermatologist around Grecia, please?

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