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  1. Hello Paul,

    Sorry for bugging but you are the real expert to ask.

    I arrived to Alajuela outskirts today and the place I have rented via airbnb is depressing. Dirty, no hot water, etc.

    Maybe you know some acceptable place for rent in Alajuela or would advise a good way to search.  

    Thanks, Igor

  2. Would ticos curb their pride and ask for the USA mediation? Do Costa Ricans actively discuss the issue and how it affects their attitude toward gringoes? Not that I am advocating USA foreign policy, but Nicaragua doesn't look like a stable and safe neighbour.
  3. Couldn't find how to PM. igors1960@gmail.com
  4. Interested in mountains place. Anywhere in Atenas, San Ramon, Grecia area, the more secluded the better.
  5. I know the topic is old but need some refreshment, please. We are on the budget, say, around 100k. Trying to decide if it's possible to buy a small decent house on a lot 1500 m2 + , or it could be only Tico style house with tiny rooms and without hot water. Realtors suggest to buy a good lot and build, but I doubt my patience and builders promises. Please, advise.
  6. Pat, How long already are you in this construction phase? And what construction time was promised initially? Thanks
  7. Eleanorcr, Will a non-experted eye still see the filler in such cracks? Just wondering in case of buying a ready house how well it survived the quakes. Many realtors offer house technical inspection. Is it worth the expense, do they use infra-red cameras maybe?
  8. Pat, What m2 cost have you inscribed in your construction contract? And from your communication with others what was the average m2 cost, budget excess and time delay in their constructions? Or it's like asking about average temperature in a hospital? Thanks
  9. Thanks Pat, How would you estimate the difference between m2 in construction vs m2 ready on the market, Central Valley mountains?
  10. Thanks, Patricia I have spoken to my prospective neighbour and he didn't mind to branch municipal water and power supplies to my prospective lot. Should I get this in writing somehow? Does your contract mention possibility of initial budget surpass or delayed stages?
  11. Lana (if I am not mistaken), How do you pay the workers, equally every week, or after certain approved stages? We are considering to buy a land in the mountains. So far I have heard that construction workers are to be paid every second Friday, not really dependent on keeping up scheduled time line.
  12. My wife and I have included our grown up kids as a Corporation members. Wouldn't it be a solution for easy inheritance way in case we are gone?
  13. Can it be water from a well and how expensive is to do the well? Are there any geological plans for underground water? Also, can I pay construction workers for pieces of work done, stage by stage? Some people told me that workers are being paid regularly every week, whenever they are working or just talking. It's hard for me to understand how projected time line is kept in such case.
  14. How to find out if I have to pay any tax? My lawyer didn't tell me anything. Won't it end up with a multiple penalty?
  15. Are locals mainly paid in dollars or colones? If colones, there might be also political game related to the new president upcoming inauguration, and her desire to prove herself, and gain more popularity. I have been away from mid March. How do the stores prices behave? Dollar today is internationally stronger than few months ago, don't see logical reason for its drop in CR. My guess is that the CR exchange rate is artificial, but for how long is it kept for - ?
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