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  1. Paul, may I be nosey and ask who you fly from Tampa (What Airline) and if you are finding it expensive or inexpensive to fly, and if I may be even more nosey, how much is it costing you to fly? We'll probably have to use Tampa or Sarasota, and are just trying to get an idea on costs.. THANKS!! Dan.
  2. I would agree with you, but I am told that to ship a 40' container, full or not, INCLUDING duty fees will cost us about $5700.00, to INCLUDE duty fees, this isn't bad, but we've pretty much decided to stick all of our stuff in storage here and come down, see what a year brings and THEN decide what to ship. Naturally there ARE some things that one keeps for either monetary or sentimental value, so we'll evaluate this after being there for a while...... I appreciate everyone's point of view, PLEASE keep it coming, THIS is how we learn and try NOT to make bad decisions, I'm indebted to you all for all the good advice we've gleaned from all of this so far! Dan.
  3. We're going to have to rent, we don't have the bux to buy anything for a while.....Plus, I suspect you misunderstood a bit....We're not ALL going to live in the same house.....LOL All I need is a decent 3 or 4 bedroom house, that has room for my Mom ..........My Sister will get a place of her own, we're not looking for the Taj Ma Hal, and we're going to try to keep our expenses to around $2000 a month or less, at least at first, and try to put half of our income away (This is how we'll replenish our cash), and in perhaps 6 months or a year, ship all of our stuff and junk. SO far, just looking online, not even considering what's available in the local papers, and just with a sign in front, we're seeing a BUNCH of houses that fit our needs, and for a real decent price. .....Or have I missed something? YOU guys know MORE about what's-what down there, I welcome with open arms any insight. Dan.
  4. I talked to Charles Zeller yesterday, GREAT GUY!.......He gave us some really great advice, and although we know that we're going to use his services when we ship our stuff, we've decided that we're going to put everything in storage at first and look more for a furnished rental until we can replenish our cash stock...... One reason is that we're looking at not only MY family, but my Mom and possibly my older Sister will make the move all at once, and we can probably get ALL of our stuff in ONE 40 foot container, economy of motion or something like that. He also gave us good insight on the areas we are looking to move in to, and for that I owe him a great thanks. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone contemplating the move too CR. He exemplifies what everyone speaks of when they expound the friendliness of the people, and what I imagine "Pura Vida" really means! Thanks Charles, we WILL be talking again soon.....we'll see you when we come down in June for sure!! Dan.
  5. ...Yeah, what Jean said, (Nicoya is a dead give-away on location, but.......) and THANKS for your post btw! Dan.
  6. It's nice to see you kids playin' nice...I didn't mean to start a poop war or anything........LOL It's GOOD to hear EVERY side of these issues and questions, we can say with a little more confidence that we have a greater understanding of how things work there, we are still un-deterred, and moving full steam ahead..........SURE we'll have to make some adjustments to our way of thinking, and be prepared for some minor discomfort or adjustment, but we can handle it. I appreciate every point of view, please keep it coming if you are so inclined........... ........But I don't want to catch anybody poking anybody in the eye or pullin' hair, or I'll stop this car right here and..............
  7. We're COMING DOWN in about June, for a couple of weeks, I'm in Venice Florida, (3 hours or less from Orlando) and if the timing is right and it helps, we'd try our best to be able to do it for you.... Dan.
  8. Thanks, this is good to know...............Luckily, or rather "Wisely" we won't be choosing any area ANYWHERE NEAR the beaches or any touristy areas........With that said, can anyone tell me the general state of Septic system reliability in the Grecia/San Ramon areas? I think, at least right now, that these are the places we are most attracted to, and are just HOPING that the whole "Pooping Thing" isn't such a problem there..........LOL Dan.
  9. Are the septic systems significantly inferior down there to the standard septic system in the States? .....Here, we have NEVER had a problem with gray water, loads of TP (We have kids who think their asses are bigger than they are), or anything else in our septic systems. The judicious use of an occasional does of "Rid-X" keeps things, well, flowing nicely here....do I need to adjust my thinking? ...Now I KNOW that this will depend upon the area we choose to live in, I'm sure there is some inconsistency, but is it really that big of a problem? I'll get BACK to the whole "Finger Print Thing" later....we're running out of time, and we're motivated MORE each day. Thanks guys!! Dan.
  10. COOL...Thanks, we'll be sure we get that done ahead of time......... You guys are a great help, this is going to be w WHOLE LOT less painless for us armed with the information we have gotten here, I hope I can return the favor MYSELF some day soon. Dan.
  11. ...........Also, can we NOT do this through the ARCR when we're down there? Have I misunderstood the process?
  12. It's ok, there has been a LOT of discussion here...Our exploratory visit will most likely be in June, we had HOPED to make a move by August or September, but we don't know how this will play out...We're on top of it, but thanks for your concern....keep it coming, we really appreciate it! Dan.
  13. Brought up a lovely subject, didn't I? ...... It's the LITTLE things that are good to know.......and EVEN KNOWING about this detail, and with the events of the last few days here, we're more anxious than ever to get down there. NOW we have to deal with the Ex and my bringing my Daughter with us, and doing so without having to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on Lawyers, and have our move delayed. I'm trying to GET AWAY from the stress, and now I have to worry about POOPING!!?? :lol: .....sorry
  14. Ok guys, I can't find an answer, just lots of stories about how the plumbing can't handle Toilet Paper............Now I hate to even bring something this......this....this.......Poopy up, but I really just have to ask. Am I going to have problems with Mr. Whipple? ........Sorry, but I had to ask.
  15. Good advice, thanks! One of our first priorities will be to get our wills in order and filed........

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