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    For what it’s worth: New kid on the block? Someone in Barrie, Ontario, Canada has an auction ending Sep 29th on eBay.ca: “Maps (extremely detailed) of Costa Rica & Panama for Garmin GPS programmed on a microSD memory card with standard size SD adapter included.” Under his details: “I have personally tried this same map in my Nuvi in both Costa Rica and in Panama and it worked great! These maps have detailed coverage of many unpaved and even unmarked roads. Full points of interest (POI) are included showing you the nearest hotels, restaurants, gas stations etc so you can do point to point auto-routing or enter in a known address and your GPS will take you there with turn by turn voice guidance, just the very same way your preloaded North American maps do (or other preloaded regions). What's so great about the preprogrammed map cards is that it is plug and play. You simply insert the SD (or microSD) in your Garmin unit's empty card slot and you successfully added complete maps of Costa Rica & Panama. It's just that simple! No need to mess with unlock codes. The maps will not lock to any specific Garmin unit so you are free to use it an as many Garmin units you have. This means you can remove the map card and place it in another Garmin unit and have Costa Rica & Panama on that unit so if your Garmin GPS breaks or you decide to upgrade your model later the maps are easily transferable. This map card will work in virtually all Garmin models. Any Garmin model that accepts a full size SD or a microSD card. If you are still not sure if it will work with your Garmin model just send me a message and I will get back to you with an answer ASAP. These maps are truly excellent covering all of Costa Rica & Panama in the highest street detail. I tried to take some screenshots below but they don't do the map justice when you are actually using them. You won't be disappointed. And if you are, I am offering a money back guarantee". Note: I enquired if he had something similar that ould work on a cell-phone. He replied "Regret only for Garmin"
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    GPS Maps for Garmin Nüvi

    ----------- Check out http://www.navsatcr.com/?gclid=CJOw3f_DkpQCFSASQQodi0JnuA

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