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    Good morning Shea, You can find molasses at most health food stores.Its also available at some animal feed stores, but I was leery of the quality. If my memory serves me correctly it fairly inexpensive.

  2. I can get you connected with SkyLynx Communications within 3 days. The cost will be $350.00 and the monthly is $55.00 per month. Micronet bite the dust last year.

    Tom Butynski

    SkyLynx Communications Costa Rica


    2453-4549 / 8706-0471

  3. Got it griffco! How can I help you?

  4. Griffco, Where are you located and what type of service were they providing for you, and for how much? -tpb

  5. Kev, What's the story with your car? year, make, model, mileage and condition would be helpful. If it has any value, I would be interested in purchasing. Thanks, Tom tbutynski@gmail.com

  6. thom

    Hola Shea, Long time, I hope all is well. Have you tried the heilo shop down by the church in Los Angeles? He fixes mostly refrig. but he is a wealth of info and has helped me find many things. He knows of many repuesto stores in the central valley. -tom

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