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  1. [quote name='timothy' date='05 September 2009 - 11:59 AM' Although, we are planning to have little chittlin’ number two someday soon so timing on that would be the only thing I would need to figure out. (He winks knowingly at his wife with raised eyebrows whilst looking at the calendar slyly.) I do want to explore option number four with Ryan which is representante so I’ll be joining ARCR shortly. There’s not much about that option on either your site or ARCR so I figure joining will allow me to pester him with questions! The journey continues! Tim I feel I must reply to your post for two (perhaps more) reasons. 1. your statement about #2 timing shows you to be a thinking man.......Your further comment about the wink and the raised eyebrows in indicative of an ongoing thinking process.....and.........further......... you expoloratory option #4 with Ryan which you did not expand upon leads me to believe you wish to create an aura of an exciting, new (not seen before) idea of getting thru the barbed wire fence to living permantently in Eden (well close). Please post this #4 when you get it worked out with Ryan.........john
  2. Paul........I read post #1, as well as posts on this forum over the past year regarding the use of an annuity or other form of guarentee to Migration/C/R gov'mt that one can provide a source of a lifetime guarentee of the required amount for pensionado or residentia status as a supplement to other approved funds. I repeat......so far I have not seen anything in print from Migration.C/R government in the form of a law or otherwise official document that says they will accept this form of guarentee. Please consider where you are and who you are dealing with......... The Tin man and the scarecrow had no clout with the Witch in Oz in Dorothys dilema with the witch and I suspect Tico Grande (much as I ;ove ;him and his posts) and all the other forum members who have the annuity and other...thing as a remedy will have no clout if Miration decides or has decided that this is not acceptable. Just my thoughts........john
  3. [quote name='tamadrums' date='02 September 2009 - 08:45 PM If interested I will post what I find out as I do... I am from Canada and a Financial Planner in Canada but I am confident that they have the same or similar products in the US as well... I think that the jist of the "saving money" is a pension status vs rentista.. 1000.00 per month vs 2500.00... maybe I am reading this wrong but I am applying it to my situation.. M The C/R requirement, as I understand it does not give any age for pensinado status. You must prove (within the next 6 months) that you have a GUARENTEED LIFETIME INCOME of $600. a month. It does not say 5 years. The Residentia catagory is not lifetime......it is 5 years of required amount in the bank in C/R. Right now this is 60,000 if you can qualify with your paperwork and etc. within 6 months, otherwise it will be 150,000 if you apply after 6 months from September 1,09. While I have seen all sorts of plans that will theoretically help those that don't quite meet the requirement I have yet to see any OFFICIAL notice that Migration/C/R government will accept any of these proposed solutions. PLEASE..Someone post the MIGRATION/GOV'MT documentation that here is what will be accepted to supplement your pension or s.s. income or whatever. Can I get a bond to cover that will guarentee the difference. Will someone in the bureacracy take a note on my property. This will cover it if I don't live too much longer. Will they take my first born. Someone point us to the PRINTED rule/law.......john
  4. Thanks Mark.....the rules of the world are going to have to change if we are going to be able to contribute and survive in it......The complexities that third world countries try to copy sometime are a little much and do not serve the populace.....unfortunately most bureacracys have little constraints and difficult correction procedures......take the U. S. for example........john
  5. builderlongtime


    I would like to echo this post.......my son and i have been to C/R many times together and many times by ourselves. I plan to move there shortly and pick out a place to build a small house and retire.....sort of....We sit down and talk and ask each other .......where did you like it most......where do you think we should build and the conversation is still going on.......C/R as TicoGrande has mentioned has many micro climates...and many, many beautiful areas and it since we have traveled all over.....so far have not been able to say.....this is the best place....we love it all and may build a small vacation type house in several areas........john
  6. I must agree with this quote.....on two trips, the second one to confirm what we thought we say on the first......removed the carribean side from our list of possible choices for the reasons given..... for a home, compound, B and B or whatever opportunity presented itself. Message me if you like and i will tell you what i think about where.......john
  7. CBadBill......the post was mine......it was a joke or at least I intended it to be. Please forgive me if I caused undue heartburn or concern. I will buy the beer when you get settled in Costa Rica......and yes.....if it doesn't work out you can come to Chile and live with Paul and I.....and a whole bunch of others.........The point I was trying to make is that nothing is absolute. The changes we are going thru in our world are unparralled anywhere in history. If you are one to think the powers that be are going to resolve it all for you......well its certainly your take.....Mine is quite different and history tells me we are in for some problems. just my thoughts.....again my apologys........if you want to message me i will apologize again and answer any of your C/R questions to the best of my ability.........john
  8. builderlongtime


    Andys post is right on......however I am told that there are a lot of other areas close to the Panamanian border where you can get better deals and there is no maximum purchase. I haven't had the need to check it out as still in the states but the infoi got about a year ago said that there was a better variety and better prices than Golfino and buy as much as you wanted....not sure.....message me if you find out. I want to buy a bunch of stuff when I come down at bargain prices as well.......john
  9. Kelly.....my son went down a little over a year ago....Intel was hiring.......Problem is wages are low and so he came back and is now in charge of IT at the local hospital at considerably more than Intel offered. Local computer repair jobs offered about $3.00 an hour....not so sure one couldn't set up a shop and hire locals. He had about 20 - 30 accounts here before he took the job with the hospital so if you could get enough work and hire enough local competent workers you should be able to do quite will. He wasn't interested in running a crew. HTH.......john
  10. builderlongtime

    Outdoor furniture

    contact fredmorgan at fmorgan@fincaleola.com....they have a shop in the lake arenal area and make a lot of natural wood furniture. Fred says he is half the price of anything in the stores in San Jose.......and you can get what you want........john
  11. builderlongtime

    Shipping vehicle ?

    I agree with both. Wholeheartedly agreed........I live 50 miles north of the Border. I will share some horror stories with you if you like, just message me. If you want adventure.....ship your car and hide in the trunk. Gawd, I hate this site.......When I booted the ARCR site up today I was sure I was in Oz or that other place you mentioned where the witch lived. john
  12. builderlongtime

    Board Upgrade

    Tico Grande.... Some of us are more than a year behind but we do appreciate your contribution.......and it has been more than a few years that you have done this.....some of us are just slow in saying THANKS......!!! john
  13. Both sexes will equally be represented at the party......john
  14. builderlongtime

    Escazu in bubble

    The money determines where things go.....when the bubble bursts and etc. Humans are gullible by nature and without the losers there would be no winners.......Well Said Paul.......Thanks........john
  15. builderlongtime


    Rfaddis.......I would like to echo the others on your informative posts. I hope they will continue as we who have not made the move would like to have opinions of what life is really like in C/R. You mentioned that you travel all over and I for one would be interested in your opinion of those other places. I have traveled all over as well but only a few times over the past couple of years and one misses much if they are only there for a few months. Again....thanks and please continue to give us your insight. john

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