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  1. That is our thought on the matter. There is plenty of cirxulation and a biofilter. Still it will be important to monitor the water chemistry closely.
  2. terik

    Caja carnet renewal

    We had different expiration dates, as well - his for 5 years and mine for a little more. Go figure. I just chalk it up to one more oddity of the system. As I mentioned on the FB discussion, we're not going to misrepresent our incomes. So that decision is made. Still, since I assume members of this forum have their Caja through ARCR, I thought I'd try to get some insight into how those renewals are going. To be forewarned and forearmed, as they say
  3. I am in the process of trying to renew my Caja affiliation (as my husband's dependent). This time around, they gave me the forms for both of us to fill out showing our relationship, address, etc., and also income & expenses. I called ARCR today to find out if this means that our monthly fee might change. (We are covered under the ARCR group policy.) I was assured that it won't, but was told that I should only enter the amount of income that is shown on our residency resolutions. That concerns me, as we provide Migracion an updated income verification letter with each cedula renewal. He also told me to put zero down for my income because our residency is based on my husband's income, not mine. I'm curious what others have done. Thanks. Teri
  4. Specifically, we're wanting to test a pond for ammonia and nitrite levels. Our landlord recently built a 30' x 16' pond with a waterfall, biofilter, and now gold fish. My husband is helping out with monitoring it since we live on the premises and he doesn't. It would be helpful if we could measure more than simple ph, especially since the owner would really like to expand the habitat to inlclude turtles and ducks. We'll check in Grecia before we trek to Escazu, the only other lead we've received so far. Thanks.
  5. I live in Palmares, Alajuela and am looking for a source for a pond test kit. Can someone tell me where I can buy one in the Central Valley? Thanks. Teri
  6. terik

    The dream

    Every discussion deserves counterpoint, so I hope to provide you with another viewpoint to consider. I personally know a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer after moving here (sorry, I never thought to ask her what stage). They looked into private treatment and decided "we couldn't afford $30k" and chose Caja instead. She received prompt, competent treatment, which included surgery and radiation. This was over two years ago, which is when I first met her. Some people have not been so fortunate. I believe it depends to some extent on where you live, the nature of treatment needed, timing, and luck of the draw. All that said, anyone planning to move here needs to consider not only ongoing treatment needs, but also future medical developments. None of us are getting younger and it is only prudent to expect that things will break And realistically, your wife could have just as easily been diagnosed after your move than before. It is very much a difficult personal decision that can only be made by balancing needs, wants, and risk tolerance. Good luck!
  7. When my Medicare coverage (Paer A) kicked in (providing me with a last-ditch safety net), I let my INS policy expire. We now use Caja only and are very satisfied. My husband has had one outpatient surgery & 3 ER/Urgent care experiences, and we have seen several specialists for various things. Yes, there is sometimes a 6-month wait for a specialist, so we plan ahead if possible. That said, we would not hesitate to see a private doctor if we felt the need for more immediate treatment. This has all been in the Palmares/San Ramon area, by the way.
  8. terik

    Asian markets?

    Super Asia has frozen pot sticjers, won ton wrappers and buns for steaming.
  9. terik

    Asian markets?

    Well, gosh Paul! You just simplified my life Thanks!!
  10. terik

    Asian markets?

    Gayle, Do yiou have a GPS? If not, I'll see what I can do for directions. It's a bit convulted, but I'm sure we can find a way.
  11. terik

    Asian markets?

    Not yet, Paul. Will check it out.
  12. terik

    Asian markets?

    We shop at Super Asia at least once every 6 or 8 weeks and will be making a trip soon, I'm sure. They have two store fronts, you know. One mostly non-food, the other mostly food. I would say that the downstairs of the food store is a good 70% food products, maybe a bit more. The other sde is maybe 10% food, which is fine by me because love the kitchen wares
  13. terik

    Asian markets?

    We went to Ancyfer today and were completely unimpressed. Certainly not everyone will agree with me, but I much prefer Super Asia in Tibas. (And yes, I realize the company has about 3 or 4 different names. Super Asia is just super easy for me to remember. LOL) We felt they offer many more products in a more organized fashion.
  14. terik

    Asian markets?

    Thanks for the corrected spelling and link to the website, Paul. We are planning a trip in the next few weeks and will report back. If someone else makes it there first, I hope you'll tell us what you think. Teri
  15. terik

    Asian markets?

    Here's a link that contains a listing of Asian food markets. It's from the web page for Tin Jo restaurant, and I have no idea how current it is. That said, yesterday the server at Musushi sushi restaurant in San Ramon recommended we try Ancifer for buying Asian ingredients. We normally shop at Sper Asia in Tibas, so we are looking forward to seeing if this is a better source.

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