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    Drivers License

    Hubby has his permanent cedula and a Cdn license & needs to get his CR license. I can't find online, the locations where this can be done. Anyone got a link? Or which would be the closest to Turrialba? Thanks.
  2. Waiting for my change of residency from temporary to permanent - I can't remember if Resolucion Firma means it's been signed or is waiting for a signature? Thx
  3. Would my hubby have to turn in his Canadian driver's license when he goes for his CR license? Thanks
  4. CdnMorganGal

    CR Driver's License

    Street address or mailing address?
  5. CdnMorganGal

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Where did you get these items and about how much do they cost? Thx
  6. CdnMorganGal

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Hubby and I, between ourselves, refer to Costa Rica as a second world country... We have decent internet speed during the day but it crawls early evening - luckily I'm a night owl and the internet is fast when everyone else is sleeping... I have to admit, I am tired and fed up of the constant electrical interruptions and black-outs. I can understand outages during a really bad storm but 9pm on a clear night? Hopefully one day we won't be grid-tied anymore and can kiss ICE goodbye. Also getting really fed up of all the cuts being dug into the road so water can 'run off' into the ditches. The roads were in better shape before all the cuts, now they deteriorate faster. I do love the homey atmosphere when going shopping and everyone greets you by name and asks how you're doing.
  7. That's what they tell us - that's where we originally applied.
  8. I was away for a month, then really sick for a month, then Christmas and New Years came along and then torrential rains... Depending what else happens, might try and go in the next week or two, but it's such a pain - takes up a whole day with all the driving...
  9. Hubby was approved for his Permanent Residency in October, I'm still waiting for mine - it's been over 21 months.
  10. CdnMorganGal

    Memory foam matress

    We bought a Jiron memory foam mattress - there is a big weight difference between hubby and I. Even with regular and proper turning, my lower back all of a sudden started killing me (the original reason we bought a new mattress). The memory foam is now in the guest bedroom and we bought a new regular mattress. Might have to replace that in 5-10yrs for my back but at least it's not bothering me at the moment.
  11. CdnMorganGal

    Aduanas regulations

    Hubby was stopped once cause he had a box filled with new stuff in original boxes, KitchenAid, vacuum sealer, etc. They stamped his passport that he had used his $500 exemption. I traveled back and forth, many, many times with suitcases filled with personal goods, new saddles, electric toothbrush, hidden seeds, a new flat monitor, and other new stuff. Once I was stopped cause they didn't know what my electric toothbrush was. Another time I was stopped and they wanted to look inside a duffel bag. I open up the zipper and the horn of an old saddle pops out, torn leather, missing stitching, etc. They waved me on. The other bags had 2 new saddles. LOL. It's a crap shoot but generally they are too busy to really want to look into things UNLESS you are being rather obvious about it.
  12. CdnMorganGal

    Health & kids

    In our area, it can get really wet during the rainy season but we are on a mountain, so there are little to no mosquitoes because the land is too sloped for standing water.
  13. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thinking back on it, doesn't solicitud firma mean waiting for signature and resolucion firma mean it's been signed?
  15. I don't know about your area, but I was buying 'carne para perros' to make my own dog food until one developed all sorts of lumps. Took her to the vet and he said they were fat deposits due to the high fat content in the carne para perros. I now only use good quality, human grade meat - I tend to buy it on sale, freeze it and use as needed.
  16. CdnMorganGal

    First time in Costa RIca

    Yes lol
  17. CdnMorganGal

    First time in Costa RIca

    Cost Rica has gotten much more expensive in the past few years. Knowing what we know now, we'd have chosen a different country, maybe Panama.
  18. CdnMorganGal

    Trash day and Perros

    I'm lucky, I can open my kitchen window and throw them into the garden on the days I'm too lazy to go to the compost heap. lol
  19. CdnMorganGal

    Trash day and Perros

    My egg shells go in the compost or directly in the garden. With all the rain we get, the soil rapidly depletes of calcium.
  20. CdnMorganGal

    Shipping Large dogs from Los Angles to San Jose

    Whether your dog has to go through a broker, if travelling on same flight with you, depends on his weight and crate size. Our two border collies, approx 50lb, were considered additional baggage, so no broker was needed. Our other dog was bigger, needed a bigger crate and weighed about 70lb. Although he was on the same flight as me, he had to go through a broker. That was a nightmare, cost lots of money and they wanted to keep him overnight. Keep in mind this was 10 yrs ago so don't know if things have changed...
  21. New procedures based on our experience - minus all the wrong lines we were told to go etc. - at the San Jose location We are in the Rentista category. Make an appointment before you go! They will not let you in the proper door without one. Get there as early as you can - don't worry about the appointment time - it's NOT an appointment - it's merely a headcount and they only let so many in per day. If you haven't paid the $200/ea at BCR, get there early. The line-up gets long quickly and they only have two tellers. Have the account no. with you (242480-0) The bank opens at 7a,m, If you are a couple, have one of you go to Door #4. (And the other person go to the bank if you haven't already paid). Many of the security guards think changing your residency category means Door #3. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! We wasted so much at Door 3 when we could have been in the line for Door #4. Tell the security guard at Door #4 that you want to change your residency category from temporary to permanent. He will tell you or show you to your seat. For us, it was the chairs on the left-hand side of the room. The chairs in the centre and on the right are for other transactions. When we went to the 'teller', we told him what we wanted to do. He took care of us one at a time. He asked to see my cedula and the 'carte' (the unsigned letter requesting the change of category). He read it, asked me to sign it, then he entered some info on the computer, printed out a completed document. I signed one copy for Migracion and the other was for me. Same process repeated for my husband. The teller told us to come back in 3-4 months, the process would probably be finished and there would be some more stuff to do (photos? and ?) and then we would get our Permanent Cedulas the same day. We asked him if they could contact us when it would be ready - coming from Turrialba is a bit of a long drive if it turned out it wasn't ready. His answer was 'No' but that we could check online with our Expediente No. Again he reassured us that it would probably be ready in 3 months, maybe as long as 4, but not longer than that. So... we DIDN'T need: the proof of latest CAJA payment; copy of our passport; copy of our cedulas; marriage certificate; or Resolucion. I am pretty confident this is now the norm because I ended up having to line up for the Informacion window and she wrote out what I needed to do - which was the bring a letter requesting change of category and the BCR payment. ....still blown away by the thought we could be permanent in 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I started this posting on May 11, 2016. My husband got approved in Sept. 2017, I'm still waiting for 'signatures'. You can do the math... So, hubby has to go to BCR and pay some fees ($98) and also pay $25 for ``el documento DIMEX de residencia temporal se encuentre vencido`` - Is this referring to an expired Cedula? You have to call Migracion at 1311 to set up the appt. They will charge you 390colones/minute for the phone call. Consider yourself lucky if you dont get cut off, or get a recording to call back again later. Used up all my cell phone prepago just trying to set up the appt - had to call them more than 6 times before I got ahold of someone. Hubby`s appt is at the Post Office in Paraiso (we live near Turrialba). He needs to bring proof of BCR payments, latest payment of CAJA, the document Migracion gave him after all the signatures were acquired, passport, + 7,515 colones + $3/month that his cedula was expired (or does the $25 mentioned above cover that?). Will keep you posted...
  23. CdnMorganGal

    Feliz Dia de Independencia

    Strangely, this year no fireworks were set off in my area!
  24. I'm kicking around a few business ideas and one of them is importing goods from china, indonesia or thailand. Any and all suggestions/advice appreciated. Anyone know where I can find out what the import taxes are on specific products? Any recommendations for customs brokers? Info on business licenses? THANKS!
  25. CdnMorganGal

    CR Solar?

    We have had VERY mixed support/services from them. If we had to do it again, not sure we'd use them...

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