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  1. To defend lindlewhammond, although the "big lie" may be a bit of an exaggeration, there are tons of people out there who believe that Obama picked up his magic wand, waved it around a little and that now health care is significantly more affordable than it was before. That may be true for some people, especially those with lower income, but ACA is not designed to reduce the cost of healthcare in the country. The intention is to increase insurance coverage, nothing more. So some people will end up paying more to help those who pay less. That may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view and whether you will be a net beneficiary or net contributor. To clarify, I don't think that ACA is in and of itself deceitful; but there are a huge amounts of misinterpretations about it that are spouted off in public as being truths by those of all political stripes who have their own agendas.
  2. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala 8 years ago and, at that time, the homicide rate in Solola (the Lake) was very similar to the United States. There has indeed been an increase in violence since I left but, very recently, things are looking up and there was a recent article in the Economist praising Guatemala's progress. My family goes back every year but we do avoid the capital. That said, it is undeniably more dangerous than CR. I stick by my assessment of the similarity of Spanish between rather two countries but I do admit the accent in the campo is different from the urban areas. My favorite town on the Lake is San Marcos, followed by San Antonio Palopo and San Lucas Toliman. Have fun!
  3. You won't find the accent very different from CR and the Lake is wonderful place to visit although San Pedro too hippy and party for my taste. Also, the Lake is rather isolated from the violence of the capital but I would still be careful not to venture out of town alone if I was female. I hope that you have a wonderful time.
  4. As far as the IRS is concerned, a capital gain is taxed the same way whether the property is located in Guanacaste or Green Bay. You may get a credit for the taxes that you have already paid to Costs Rica on the transaction, though. I should add that where the taxpayer is residing at the time of the sale is also disregarded. You can get an exclusion on earned income if you live overseas but there is no such provision for investment income.
  5. Hello Keli,

    I've been reading up in the forum about some people who have moved to Costa Rica and had babies there and I saw that you had planned to do so in September. My wife and I are planning on doing the some in June. Please let me know if you would be willing to share a little of your experience with us.


    Tyler and Celeste (TyLand)

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