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  2. How are you and your husband doing?

  3. Nancy nj. Does that mean you are Jersey girl? I am. I have a honest realtor in C.R. If you would like the I will give you the companys name. I live in Vegas and am from Toms River, N.J. I bouht a home in Quepos. Nice area and some Vegas people live there. Sammi
  4. Pertaining to types of mortage and interest rates in C.R. What to look for. Anything like U.S.? Can payments be made from the U.S.? What about assuming a mortage? Again "what to look out for". Thank You All Sammi
  5. Hello, I bought a tico house in Quepos, up in the hills, 15 min. from the beach. My realestate was a local firm. Not Remax, or Century 21. Costa Rica Property Sales, Jorge Montero was very personal and still is. We are trying to sell our house in Las Vegas, and Jorge is looking out for our house in Quepos for us. Quepos is a nice area and up the hills are small towns. Nice people. GOOD people. E-Mail Jorge@brcrps.com
  6. Thank You for your advice. Just looking to get out there. Maryann
  7. What are the laws as far as owning a house and not being there at all times? Or in the progress of making the move? Sammi
  8. I also used Facio&Canas. My atttorney was Fernan. Since the house market is so bad in Vegas Fernan is taking care of our mortage, until we get out there. Not an easy move. Just take your time. Quepos is a very nice area, upin the mountains, 15 min.to the beach. Sammi
  9. I am moving to Quepos,CR. I am working on our move to CR. So much to do before the move. I am still working here in Vegas. Two bars are owned by Vegas people in Quepos. Nice area. Get intouch with me. Maryann
  10. Thank You. I am moving from Las Vegas and have much to do. I have already purchased a house in Quepos, C.R. I still don`t understand how to start our residency. You know step #1 and after that? But thank you for your information. Maryann
  11. I would like to find information on house insurance and company`s in costa rica that are credited with the better business Bureau. Maryann
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