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  1. Uh,the fellow was admired, did good work, lived in Santa Ana Costa Rica and perhaps Laura is informing this forum of a fellow expat who passed away. I'd like to think, even if none of you know me, that if someone posted a link to my obit. there would be some interest if only because I am a fellow expat retiring and passing on to the great hereafter from my great country of Costa Rica for whom all of us on this forum share a common love. We are connected in that sense aren't we? maybe yes, maybe no, I'm no mind reader, but I suppose this could be a reason for Laura's link. It would be nice for her to introduce it with a little note...
  2. I am not as concerned about the deposit for a place sight unseen, as I am about the job search. Are you coming down on work visas? Do you have skills that the local population can not do? The laws are clear about no employment unless you are a permanent resident, or there is a need for your particular job skill, or you open a business, do not work in it, but hire locals to do the work. I think if you haven't researched these kinds of issues about living in Costa Rica as an expat., then a home or apt. is the least of your concerns. Just want to give you a heads up and not be a wet blanket. Costa Rica is a neat place to live as a retired person. It isn't for everyone, but has worked for my husband and me, in dec. 2003 we came down, with 5 suitcases and no idea where or what we were going to rent. We had our paperwork submitted for residency, we'd done 2 years of research and lengthy vacations, and bought a newspaper to start our rental search. Stayed in a condo for 2 months in Escazu, then found a lovely 2 bedroom home in Atenas we rented for 2 years. Searched for our own property to buy and build on and found something perfect for us, have a wonderful block home, view of ocean and are awaiting our permanent residency status change approval, from pensionado. So there is an order to making this happen, with due diligence, eyes wide open and reality mixed with emotional intuition as your guide. Our heart was in every single quest along the way and things did fall into place. Not without some hassles, delays and glitches in dealing with a different cultures' methods, but we feel blessed and always have, throughout this almost 7 years. Buen Suerte!
  3. I have a valid costa rica drivers license and will be going to states in June, needing to rent a van in Texas to haul some of my mom's furniture to an asst.living facility near my sister in Denver. I have read on various rental sites that the foreign dl needs to be translated into english and this is what the international driver permit or IDP accomplishes. So, does anyone know where I would go in Costa Rica to get this document that indicates all the same info, including photo, that is on my Costa Rica license? MOPT? US Embassy?
  4. who are you that you added me as a friend?

  5. A fellow Costa Rican expat and his adventures on the open seas, like living in Costa Rica isn't adventure enough. http://vimeo.com/album/195786
  6. Husband needs a surfboard muled down from the L.A. area, Dana Point. All incidentals, ground transport, air transport fees, service fee for your trouble and meet at either SJO or Liberia airport. Anyone in next couple of months? Thanks,and purasurfer
  7. go to the website for the tri rail and YES they can get you from Miami International to Ft. Lauderdale. We have done it in the past...very cheap and convenient. Here is the link: http://www.tri-rail.com/ Also, on the Spirit air website you can look at hotels and there are budget priced ones that pop up. Also, www.tripadvisor.com is a good one to look at hotels in a particular area at a specific price and read reviews! Good Luck.
  8. I sing the praises of this service and the owner of it, Jacqui. www.yourcostaricacontact.com They do it all and they find cars, not through dealers necessarily, but also individual owners, have an excellent mechanic who can do pre-inspections and will do a full inspection if desired, handle all the title checking and transfer etc. and you will get "tico" pricing rather than looking as a gringo. Take a look at the website, read the testimonials and drop an email to Jacqui. She is professional, hardworking, communicates ALOT and is currently looking for a very very specific car for us: Early '90's Toyota Corolla Station Wagon All Trac for under $5000. The fee is reasonable as it saves us tons of time and money in terms of gasoline or taxis and buses to travel around to test drive etc. Good Luck Laura.
  9. Hey Laura, Living in Esparza fulltime with husband, a dog and a kitten, just up the road from Caldera. The past week or so: Husband built a rain gauge and we have logged in 15 cms in 8 days. Had 2 electric transformers go out on 2 different occasions due to lightening during this same period. One time, ICE had it working again in 2 hours. The other time 5+ hrs. Took us a month to find someone to do some machete and weedwacker clearing of our lot that was getting overgrown due to rainfall during rainy season. We have 5000sq.meters. Husband can do mowing and some weedwacking but not on the slopes...Not skilled enough! Atlas stove blew up in my face, a week ago and we were told we would get a determination from Atlas in 22 days. I am hoping they see their way to give me a new stove since mine was only a year old. The explosion scared the bijesus out of me, cracked some ceramic and grout in my new kitchen, blew windows off their aluminum frames in 4 rooms, and now I am extremely jumpy when the screen door slams shut. Lucky for me my angels were in the hood. I have had house guests this week, again next week and again mid Sept. I am having to use a rusted 3 burner gas cook top, but it works. Ugly as hell but it works. Our 4x4 Toyotona FJ60 Landcruiser-gasoline powered, is still for sale, but since gas here is around $4.85 a gal. not too many interested parties even at a steal of an asking price of $3,500. Have received 4 emails of inquiry, but no one has shown up to see it. We are using an excellent service to find us a smaller more economical car and so far nada. But the woman with the service, is working within a very limited budget, we can only spend $5,000. Husband is still building a wood fired clay pizza and bread oven. We harvest the clay from the area hillsides. Mix with sand and water and voila...Looking forward to Thanksgiving Pizza. Maybe I will start making pottery at some point. Our adopted calico is growing and playful. Our adopted yellow Lab is always hungry and locals call him gordo. Miss my granddaughters sometimes my heart aches... That is about it for now. Husband is napping in a hammock out in the rancho, so is Dude our Lab. I am just cheking the posts on ARCR and yahoo CRL. See ya.
  10. Hola Maryann,, Residency is a huge issue. To know just how huge read these forums. Most of the documents you need are obtained within the states. Residency for Costa Rica is essentially impossible to completely accomplish IN Costa RIca. You should get most everything done state side ie.-police letter for your local city of residence, birth cert., if applicable-marriage certificate, proof of income worded specifically for lifetime to you- if you will be pensionado status,all needing to be authenticated, stamped, translated etc. at about $40-50 per document through the CR consulate that is located nearest to you in the US. Once in CR you complete the process with just a few additional items done here-interpol investigation based on fingerprinting done in Costa Rica, some more passport photos, and a cita for migracion lotsa luck with that one, even with the help of ARCR you could be looking at MONTHS before you see a cedula to put in your purse. For my husband and I we started on all the paperwork in Texas, 6 months before we relocated.
  11. These are real costs from a real couple from Texas who live in Costa Rica fulltime. Feb 2007 we began construction of our home near Puerta Caldera. The completion was July 30, 2007 at which time we moved in. Lote price 5000sq.meter for $30,000 overlooking Puerto Caldera and the Gulf and Ocean---BTW we spent 2 years renting while looking for just the right place to buy. In US Dollars for a gorgeous cement block home with walls up to 16 ft in height, 1100 sq. ft interior space, plus 200sq ft.covered patios, 3 bedroom 2 bath, hot water throughout, with insulation under top quality galvanized roofing, 12 gauge US spec. copper wiring, approx. 40-polarized grounded outlets, 3- 220 outlets, 18 circuits, ceramic tile for all counters and floors and bathrooms, with Lanco paint inside and out of various colors: Architect, Abogado and all permit fees and insurance for laborers -3,162 Labor- 13,100 Materials for construction including $3,000 in extra wonderful wood for ceiling and ceiling beams-mango and almendro-30,724 10 large plus 6 small clearestory style aluminum framed sliding windows and screens, installed-2,452 11-Laurel and Cedro wood doors, (4 exterior, 2 with glass, 2 of which were custom made) and all wooden framing, all fixtures and locks, installed-2,969 TOTAL: $52,407 fees, permits, materials and labor for house $30,000 lot with view to die for GRAND TOTAL $82, 407 I am not including my Price Pfister fixtures I brought back from Home Depot in the states in my suitcase, or large custom kitchen pantry, cabinets, toilets, many light fixtures, 5 ceiling fans, 3 air conditioners, all appliances, and all furniture which adds another 8,000 VERY IMPORTANT!!!! the contractor was great to work with. He would give us a material list every few days, we would go to town and place the order or phone our guy at the ferreteria materiales place and pay for it OURSELVES..we never gave that job to anyone else. WE were on site every day. We knew where every colone went. We provided sodas, cookies, coffee daily. We provided fried chicken and beer and sodas every Saturday afternoon at quiting time to the laborers- sometimes 3 or 4, sometimes 11 guys. WE built friendships and trust. THey wanted to do a great job for us. As of today, materials would be double or more than double. Labor has gone us som I am sure. I am grateful we found what we did, when we did and we are happily coming up on our one year anniversary. All our landscaping is getting bigger and greener and truly we found pura vida at a lot less than those tacky thrown together condos in Jaco. Those stupid suckers.
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, did not know property taxes could be paid online. We just paid ours by going to the local municipalidad offices. We live in Esparza which is in Puntarenas province. Very fast and easy. Sorry I can't help you with online payment. On that registro site, if you have your property folio number, perhaps that is how you can begin.
  13. "If the readers of this forum don't want to take my advice and get their assetts out of the U.S., well c'est la vie." This is a quote from a posting by William Cody. My husband and I are nervous and not just from the points Mr. Cody has made. The problems and uncertainty with the U.S. Dollar and the economy, the housing market etc. etc.....Our only source of income is a small pension check that is electronically deposited into a U.S. bank each month from a U.S. based pension fund. We then wire transfer to our Bank here in Costa Rica. I have some money in an IRA I can't touch for another 4.5 years and that too is in a U.S. bank. Any suggestions from Mr. Cody would be appreciated. I don't even know that the Pension Fund will allow us to move the money, lock stock and barrel! Where could I move my IRA to without a major early withdrawal penalty? Desperate for peace of mind. Don't want anything to happen that we couldn't stay in Costa Rica. We just finished building our home and our life is amazing here. We are not high rollers with lots of gringo dollars and investments. We live simply and don't know alot about money. We have made some good decisions though that have allowed us to retire at 55 rather than most our friends who will still be working til they are 65-70.
  14. I’m not interested in arguing with, OR BEING INSULTED BY, less-than-informed individuals. DonA, TicoGrande, Epicatt2, gringatica2003, TicoVille, jdocop, and others: you all owe me an apology. Mr. Cody, and I quote from my own previous posting: "However, not in this fellow posters defense, but I did bookmark the several websites he listed and I will look at them and do some research and maybe he has a few valid points. Ultimately I consider myself very fortunate to have had the means to retire in Costa Rica, unplug from the crazy consumerism and rat race. No soapbox venue necessary, simply stated is best." You see, I gringatica, am not totally against you or in disagreement. Your thoughts and sited websites indeed have valid points and extremely enlightened, educated, intellectual men and woman of diverse backgrounds and nationalities contribute well researched editorials on those sites. I believe the over-consuming, complacency and ignorance of the average American will be their undoing. Even the recent several trillion dollar budget request by Bush won't get a blink. The only thing that will get their attention is if WalMart, Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, The Gap, Banana Republic, McDonalds, U.S. Mall food courts were to suddenly close their doors. This would cause great alarm, and mass unplugging of all Ipod earbuds, Blackberrys and cell phone conversation disconnects. I DO believe you could express yourself as less a raving maniac and attract more followers. Doomsdayers just come off as a bit over the top, therefore, no one pays heed. Soften your delivery and you will sound more convincing. I don't quote the Bible, nor do I quote Greek Mythology, but I think The Beatles said it best.."and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"
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