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  1. Thank you for the excellent advice. I love this forum. I do have savings. The only reason I mentioned Atenas is because I have a friend there. Eliminating AC, for instance, how much more than $1400 per month would I need? I own house lots in Playa Grande. I bought them years ago and have no idea what the area is like now. I figured the Central Valley would have more culture, more people, more things to do, etc. I'll be coming down in a few months to hang out for a while. Any suggestions of areas to check out that would kind of be a happy medium between "remote" and "expensive"?
  2. I envy your happy lifestyle and aspire to be in CR soon as a SS collecting gringo. However, I think I would want things like cable tv, AC, and dinner & drinks out, a couple of times a month. My SS is about $1400 a month. I'm thinking of Atenas Alajuela. Renting. Is my check enough to cover expenses?
  3. I live in the states and own house lots in Playa Grande. I need an honest, English speaking, conscientious, affordable lawyer to pay my taxes and disolve my SA's. I would greatly appreciate it if any members here have had good first hand experiences, and could make some recommendations. Thank you so much

    New Corporate Tax

    I, also, would like to know the ramifications of dissolving my Corps and transferring ownership to name. In my case, I just have four house lots in Playa Grande Bob
  5. Contact Tom Haydu, owner of Casita Realty in Flamingo. He is not 50% higher. He is one of the true, honest realtors in CR

    SA question regarding lots

    Yes they are small, 592 sq m. each. They all are currently in the sellers SA. I haven't created any SA's as of yet.
  7. I will be closing on four lots in Playa Grande soon. Am I at a disandvantage if I create one SA for the lots when I sell them individually later? Or should I spend the money to create an SA for each lot? Thank you in advance. I appreciate your help with any advise you can provide

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