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  1. China, That is what Ive been hearing about that area but every time I go to Matapalo somebody is building something else. Something simple though, not developing. I guess that area was found a ways back and people built nice simple things and basically are just enjoying life until somebody rips it down like Playa Guapil near Dominical. I agree with you that that whole area should be cut off from any development but I´m just curious to know if the mayor of Osa has any facts on what there plan is. j
  2. Does anyone know what the gov´t is going to end up doing with all that land bought up around the Osa (like Matapalo for instance) It seems that topic is always in the air and that zoning isn´t set in stone. Also what was all tha hype about the new Int. Airport in Palmar Sur. Will that happen. Does anyone know the facts on that. thanks j
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