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  1. The problem with the realtors is that there are few exclusive rights to listing contracts, so anyone can go behind their back. For this reason they are leery about handing out information. Also many expats try to use them as tour guides. Expecting them to drive them all over the country and then do not buy. Also, they do not feel comfortable with you as a buyer if you do not have a bank account here. I would say find a reputable realtor in the area and sign a 6 month contract with them that's states they will get a commission if they find you a property in a limited time. (sellers pay the commission) or just drive around till you find what you want and approach a seller directly. But you will probably get shafted some on the price. Be sure to use a very good lawyer, or 2 A good place to research is craigslist Costa Rica. It is widely used here. You can get a corporation here and run a business through it but the cost and hassle may not be worth it. Buy during the rainy season, prices are usually lower. private message me if you have more questions. and no, I am not looking for work, only people who love misery try to sell real estate here.
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