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  1. Wow, those are interesting answers considering that I have had at least 10 real estate agents wait on me (in the last three years) that were young Americans with the non status of perpetual tourist. I'm not sure how they get around the rules. I bought property from two of them and I am pretty sure they got paid by somebody. Possibly the status of an independent contractor, which they are, may allow them to not really be "employed".
  2. Airfare from the US

    One option you might consider is the relatively new non-stop flight from Orlando, Florida to San Jose, CR. I have used it twice and it cuts out the busy and therefore slow customs of Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Also, I see pretty cheap stuff to get to Orlando from most places in the country thanks to Disney.
  3. Just made the mistake of booking into this hotel (in order to be close to ARCR). I did so through their 800 number two months in advance. I didn't have any thought there could be a problem since they immediately took the approx $100 on my credit card and it showed on my next statement. When I got to the hotel the desk clerk said I needed written proof ("voucher") of my reservation. I asked her if it showed paid in her computer and the answer was yes but of course I did not have a "voucher". This was no language problem. This was an idiot. After 10 minutes of this, the bellman who was listening came over and just handed me a key. I followed up with a call to their customer service (they took my number) when I got home & no one ever called me back. It was a totally and public embarrassment.
  4. I am a 30 year real estate broker from Florida & fully agree with a couple of these posts. After my first trip to Costa Rica for a little personal (real estate) fact finding, I saw condos that were priced HIGHER than the comparable units in the Tampa Bay area. With the free fall in prices here some distress sale properties are about the same price per square foot as CR properties. Personally, I hope it doesn't end up another "Florida in 40 years". My hope is that the infrastructure nevers catches up so that the current CR lifestyle will continue. However, I will admit, I am guilty of taking my driver to the Hooters in Escazu.