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  1. Wow, those are interesting answers considering that I have had at least 10 real estate agents wait on me (in the last three years) that were young Americans with the non status of perpetual tourist. I'm not sure how they get around the rules. I bought property from two of them and I am pretty sure they got paid by somebody. Possibly the status of an independent contractor, which they are, may allow them to not really be "employed".
  2. cler5

    Gym in Parrita or Quepos

    There is more than one gym in Jaco. On the south end of town where road begins to curve is Platinum - upstairs above surf shop, etc. You can't miss all the windows with equipment visible. It is upscale, air conditioned and approximately $30 a month.
  3. cler5

    Car Rental companies

    In about 15 trips to CR, I have tried a couple of different car rental agencies. The best deal I have found is Economy (at the airport) behind Denny's. If you use an American Express and most Master Cards (definitely check with them first), the CD or LD (collision damage and loss damage) is waived and you will not be required to purchase it. The other two that I believe ARE required are the limited loss and liability. I am pretty sure NO insurance company in the US covers you behind the wheel in CR. During my last trip to CR in February, one morning, I found a broken tail light on my rented Hyundai Tucson. I was charged an incredible $257 (it is CR) on my monthly statement. I made claim through Master Card. I just received the check for the full amount. So it does work.
  4. cler5

    Torremolinos Hotel

    Just for everyone's info and those who assume (by reading into my comment). Cler5 is not a female. The hotel did not provide even a confirmation email much less a "voucher". As stated, I made the reservation using the Occidental 800 number right off of their website. My credit card was quickly debited for the $100+. Do you carry copies of your credit card statements with you when you travel? "How I do things back home" is clearly nothing to do with this situation. It really does not matter where it happened. It was very unprofessional and wrong of the hotel & clerk.
  5. Or maybe give a price and location.
  6. No offense but the question regarding real estate agents (they really are not "realtors" - a copyrighted term designated by membership in a particular organization which does not even exist in CR )never seems to get answered. In four trips to CR we have met about 10 real estate agents and ALL have been perpetual tourists working in the business full time. It must be a serious relaxation of the rules or I am missing something.
  7. Just want to ask the question BEFORE I do it. Someone asked me to bring his heart medicine into CR. Obviously the bottle won't have MY name on it. Is there any rules against that?
  8. Our plan is to move to CR late next year and I am trying to do a little planning ahead. We currently have three vehicles, none of which fit the CR picture. I don't think I am a candidate for a "used" vehicle purchase in CR (being the perfectionist anal type). I only like a new vehicle & like to keep it a long time. I am considering replacing two of them NOW with a "bring to CR car". It looks like the Toyota RAV4 or Tacoma 4WD Manual are our best choices (with dealer taking both of mine in trade). The sticker price is approximately 25 thousand. Does anyone know approximately what I might be facing for this one year old vehicle as far as duties? Would I be better off to wait & buy the same vehicle new in CR? Hoping for some advice from you with experience. Teri
  9. My wife is employed by BOA. I know you feel for me, but in response to this question, BOA no longer will do OUTGOING international wire transfers. They will only do INCOMING International. We have no idea why this is but it is a NEW rule.
  10. cler5

    CR in the eye of a property boom

    I am a 30 year real estate broker from Florida & fully agree with a couple of these posts. After my first trip to Costa Rica for a little personal (real estate) fact finding, I saw condos that were priced HIGHER than the comparable units in the Tampa Bay area. With the free fall in prices here some distress sale properties are about the same price per square foot as CR properties. Personally, I hope it doesn't end up another "Florida in 40 years". My hope is that the infrastructure nevers catches up so that the current CR lifestyle will continue. However, I will admit, I am guilty of taking my driver to the Hooters in Escazu.

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