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  1. It's interesting to see, that after all this time of people giving the advice of first renting in the area you are considering living, we are now seeing an increase in this very area. Dominical vacation rentals are on the rise as people considering moving to this part of Southern Costa Rica, are heeding our advice. It's wise to get to know your little section of Costa Rica before packing up and selling everything to move somewhere you're not 100% sure of. Our selection of rentals in the area of Dominical beach are rarely not booked and as the rentals increase, so do the sales. Yes its true, you win some you lose some but better to have happy clients than unhappy clients because you failed to give them good advice before making such a huge leap of faith.
  2. I have notice through my travels on these boards that there are many fellow CR bloggers amongst the members here. If you would like a link placed on the frontpage of SellingCR under my blogroll I would be willing to do so for you. So if you are interested just drop me a PM with your details. Thanks.
  3. It's been awhile since I have seen an email from Shaw thats for sure. I moved here a few years back from Victoria, BC. I currently have a 'realistic' site on Costa Rica real estate. We tend to list quite frequently, fire sales or foreclosures. In this moment we have many amazing *need money now* deals that reach as great as 40-50% discounted prices. I also have a site on Costa Rica news and information. Both of which are listed in my signature.
  4. Not sure if you are aware but right now comet Holmes is now 8X larger than the sun and the mainstream media isnt reporting much on the subject strangely enough.
  5. I am so glad to have made your day. It is amazing isnt it? Something that wont probably ever happen again in our lifetime thats for sure.
  6. Its the frontpage news on my site as mentioned in my signature so if you want more information follow the link! Enjoy.
  7. This new object that exploded last week is now officially the largest item in our solar system even larger than our own sun! It can be see with the naked eye at night and has a name....Hughes comet. The best viewing is on the 19th of the month whereas it will appear to swallow another star.
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