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  1. Hi Paul I know, just suggestions that might appeal.... I like the heat but I will be coming to CR SOON. :-)
  2. Well I have friends from the four corners of the Earth, I see them all as individuals; I really couldnt care less where they are from or what shade their skin is, I take each equally as I find them. Rich
  3. Well thats very clear now isnt it. thanks David. OK Paul I keep learning :-) Rich
  4. Practice this erre con erre de guitarra erre con erre de carril . Mira que rapido ruedan las ruedas del ferrocarril :-) btw John its fun to learn another language but I take your point you can communicate in other ways. Rich
  5. try saying otter with an American accent that works! Rich
  6. Nice pics - thanks for posting, looks gorgeous Rich
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