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  1. potoo

    Photographing in Costa Rica!

    Really, can you take one of me ; reducing my girth I can't do that even in photoshop you must be a master photographer Rich
  2. potoo

    Lankester Biological Garden

    I'd like to add a comment about another Botanical Garden members might like to consider. We spent a really lovely 1/2 day at The Else Kientzler Gardens at Sarchi - Norte. and we were very impressed with the staff and Director there.The facilities are pretty minimal but you can get a cup of coffee. Nonetheless the gardens themselves are great and accessible by wheelchair!. You can check out their website at www.elsegarden.com (we have no personal connections with the above) Rich
  3. potoo

    Bringing a mountain bike

    Hi Loads of cyclists out and about around Grecia to Poas roads at the weekends - most very professionally presented; they ride up and then enjoy the free wheel down again. In San Jose I saw many very keen bikers, also as far down as Manzanillo -it seems many Costa Ricans love their bikes and biking. Rich
  4. Hi Wildlife Photographer here Just upgrading my kit a bit for my next 3 month tour - hopfully taking in Corcavado PM me to discuss if you wish m8 (Check out my link for my Flickr stream) Rich
  5. potoo

    Our blog of 3 month trip

    Hi hmmm coffee, cheesecake and hummers, what more could anyone ask lol - just one of my favorite places of all time. we are due to return March but may not get to Monteverde as we might have a look around Southern Pacific thanks for posting Rich
  6. Hi there Some of you might find this of interest; explains our journey and some great pics in the gallery! www.yabbayabba.net Enjoy and comment if you like Rich and Wendy PS just planning next one "Southern Pacific zone....
  7. potoo

    Had a great 3 month visit

    Hi LISA Sorry we didnt get back to you; when we left for Nuevo Arenal etc we had very poor access to Internet and were essentially out of touch with everyone. Equipment where we stayed in PV also broke down! Been reading your new stuff, very interesting, need to work on ours. Happy Christmas and New Year to you How many dollars are left???? Rich
  8. potoo

    Orosi Day Triip

    Nuevo Arenal is a tranquillo place, just spent 9 lovely days in a rental just behind the Gingerbread Restraunt (claimed by the owner to be the best in CR. From our experience there he probably isnt wrong! -fantastic. Also next door is Terry Moran (moran real estate - what a super friendly and nice guy. Rich
  9. Well, now back in snowy UK after 3 months in CR. Not one single problem to report; except maybe some bad weather, particularly at Arenal. Had a really great time renting down in Puerto Viejo, which I have to say was our favorite place hands down! Met so many great folks and had so many laughs we will never recover lol Passion is for wildlife photography and we took over 1000 shots; all this needs sorting and putting online in story form. Just for interest Interbus were great, BNCR were great, and all our rentals worked out just fine. Itinerary - Puerto Viejo -Punta Uva,Grecia area, Arenal, Nuevo Arenal, Arenal again,Saint Elena/Monteverde. Osa here we come!!! (March for another 3 !!) Rich and Wendy
  10. Hi Laura btw we are here in cr for next 3 months - beat ya to it! Did you look on craigslist there are some cool bikes on there for sale here bit pricey but way better than the rentals here at pv. Wendy handle bars fell off!! lol so worth 3 bucks to see that haha. bikes here are 2000 colones for the day each so cost soon mounts up. Rich
  11. Buy Andy; then rent to me for 500 a month :-) rICH
  12. Great got here at last got a nice 2 bed rental at loco Natural just at edge of puerto Viejo - lovely finca , lovely folks settling down to swimming biking walking - love it now how to make money lol thats a harder ask moving on 2 nov to where- I dont know we'll work it out any recommendations Dominical? Arenal/Monteverde rentals seem hard to get unless your a millionaire lol Rich
  13. potoo

    Insurance for computers/cameras

    Thanks looking forward to it; no firm plans but at least we have been before:-) nice feeling having no real schedule Rich
  14. potoo

    Insurance for computers/cameras

    Thanks Thought it might not be so easy I suppose its better to have insurance than not but the premiums are nuts, and none will pay out without a full report. Will keep best stuff locked up until we suss area Rich
  15. Hola Insurance is readily available for our kit here in UK and would cover us in Costa Rica however -in your opinions how easy/likely would it be that a proper police report could be secured in the event of theft? I like to leave things to the last minute , we will be in San Jose Monday night thank you Rich

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