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  1. Hi I am in the process of getting my Cedula. I will be going to the states soon and returning back to CR. I need to find out what can I bring in duty and the relevant issues?. I need to buy a dehydrator which will weight about 30lbs and have a value of $300. It is essentially for health needs. Can anybody help me understand what the process at the airport will be and if I am obligate3d to pay a duty for this item? It will be new and purchased in the US. Thank you Phil Greenberg
  2. Can somebody please help me. I plan to retire to CR. I have a bank here in CHicago, Which bank in San Jose does international banking without getting draft fees on both sides? Are there any CR banks with branches here either in the US or speciafically in CHicago. Nobody seems to have an answer! Thank you Phil
  3. Hi I plan to retire in April and move to CR. I am interested in finding a company to send my books with. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks. Laura

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