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  1. I found it interesting that the proposed micracion law change suggested requiring foreign residents to subscribe to the National Health Plan, paying a monthly fee of about $17/mo. That is certainly a reasonable requirement. My question is why we are charged 5.5% or 9.5% of our stated income as a "voluntary" subscriber? My current fee is about $55/mo and according the the CCSS FAQ website, that includes about 3.5% that goes into the retirement fund. I have heard of a couple of residents who are paying the medical only portion, having successfully argued that they would never draw from the pension fund part of the program and therefore only needed the medical subscription. Since Pensionados are already drawing US Social Security we should be exempt from paying into the CR S.S. that we will never use. The 9.6% (or 5.5%) is supposed to be applied to "earned wages" for workers, not already retired persons who are not in nor allowed to be in the workforce . At least, that is what I understand from translating the CCSS website using Google. While I understand the concept of voluntary, charitable support for a retirement plan we will never use, I would like to have the option of subscribing only to the medical part, as stated in the migraccion reform proposal. Can anyone tell how you go about making such a request?
  2. As a 3 year pensionado/residente I am confused about what the cost of obtaining the Medical coverage under the CAJA. The language of the "new proposed changes" seems to state that all residents will be required to belong and contribute to the CAJA, paying the required $16 (approx.) a month. I am a member of the caja and I am required to pay over $40/mo. Can anyone tell me how this is determined? I filled out a monthly expenses sheet which was minimal - my rent is only 70,000 col/mo. My SS income is $610/mo.
  3. The biggest problem I have with Sky TV is that during the rainy season, forget watching TV ! If the wind blows, or it is raining, or it is foggy, there is NO Signal. That is probably most of the time I would ejnoy watching tv, as there are too many other things to do when the weather is good. It is also way more expensive than cable.
  4. My friends' lawyer just told them that she knows nothing about a $300 deportation fee - Is it still being charged?

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