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  1. TG, Good morning! By the looks of the ARCR description of this Forum "Any Property For Sale or Wanted - Including rentals or other items", I thought this might be the place to inquire from other members if they might have a rental available. After reading the "rules", I am left confused as it now states "do not post rentals or realestate". Would you please clarify this point. I am traveling south for a few months and would prefer to follow a recommendation from a member v.s. a "cold lead" from others. Thank you! Neutron7
  2. Happy Burp Day N-7! :-)

  3. Hello All & Good Morning![b/] I am presently under contract with a Builder in CR. The company is registered as "Oro Plata". Has anyone else had experience pos/neg with them. I would appreciate any and all feedback you may have. Thank you, Neutron7
  4. Tom, Good morning! Soent you an earlier msg. but not sure if you received. Just purchased land in Uvita off the Costanera. Tentative plans are to build a cabina in the sping of 08 with hopes of using as "cen-com" during const of primary residence in the Fall of 08. Upon completion of primary residence late 09' would like to then build the balance of two more cabinas. That said, would like to know if you are able to provide a couple of solid references of home builders with a history in the Southern Pacific region. Not sure where you're located so not sure if possible but thought worthy of asking after having read your article. Just sound like you know what you're doing. Have a hunch you might just be builder. Would like to hear from you. Thanks! Neutron7 Delray Beach, FL.
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