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  1. Hi all worked out the water problems we were having. Basically they tapped a clean water source directly off a mountain wall. From what I hear it wasn't a spring but close to it. The water we were getting in the past was from a stream coming off a waterfall. In the rainy months, this source was not suppling us with clean water at times, clogging the lines on the property as well as the house. Instead of just filtering this source, we added another source for our holding tanks, and with the amount of water were getting from this new source, it should be good for the entire rainy season. Du
  2. Thank you for your help all. Each of your excellent advises were noted. I plan on updating this thread as soon as my trip is done this week.
  3. i've only spent a total of 3 months in Costa Rica so far on two trips. That said.. Our water system we have gives us water directly from a spring, not drilled but through the surface. These large tanks are hooked up to a series of underground pipes (the majority 1/2 inch pipes) that run along property, with release valves throughout. When the pressure is high (summer/rainy season) these pipes are bursting and were having problems receiving water. When the pressure is low were getting little water at times as well, the system is extremely dirty at times as well. The system was built to s
  4. Hi I do! Lived their for many years, thus the name. Why do you ask? Are you Hungarian?

  5. I do! :) Why do you ask? Lived their for many years.

  6. You wouldn't happen to have any connections to Hungary, would you? Just guessing, looking at the name ...

  7. Thanks Dana! But after struggling trying to convey my message for over an hour on the phone today, I managed to find someone who's looking into our old policy and promises to get back to me in ENGLISH! Thanks again.
  8. Hi all, does anyone know where I can get information on the available house insurance policies in Costa Rica at the moment. We had a policy from INS but it has expired. Our attorney who we are not in touch with set this up and trying to do this myself this time around. I'd like to get some basic information on what is offered and what we need to be aware of before I proceed in speaking with INS. Any help would be great. T
  9. Hi all, looking for a topographer in the South Pacific area. Were in the Domincal/Uvita area. Anyone have suggestions? BG
  10. Hi, We have our house listed as a rental. Were getting inquiries for this rental in the South Pacific but have no contract ready for this type of thing yet. This is a luxury rental, is their a need for a contract to be made to protect ourselves from liabilities? A need for a deposit?? Were aware of others who go through their rentals without any of these things, just not sure how smart that would be. Is there something we need to protect ourselves from that we may have not thought of? BG
  11. Hi Sabo, thank you for responding! These are the rates were getting. From your experience, is this the time required for cleaning 5-6 lots or does it seem to much. Also how do the rates look from your experience? Are this many days of equipment necessary? Again thanks for your advice. $543 tractor/ day 23 days $300 back hoe /day 8 days $500 Lot cleaning back hoe/Dump truck/day 24 days $300 dumb(gravel) truck fee/ day 3 days Labor 2.5 months: 6000 dollars
  12. Hi, we own some land on the coast. And have recently got some quotes on clearing lots for this land. Below are the details of what they say will be done. I was wondering from who has experience in this. What type of price I should expect to pay for this work? Any rough range is fine. The price quoted seems quite high and just wanted some opinions on others who have gone through similar situations or know of people who have. Thank you for your help. Things to be done: For 6 lots (app. 12-15 acres) Soil Movement: In order to terrace coerrectly the sites we will need 23 days of tract
  13. Hi there, I was wondering what you know of the new airport they plan on building in the south pacific.. I had a few questions. What exact city will it be located in? Have they decided on a location for it? Would the dominical area be affected by this. Which areas will benefit the most from this coming airport? Is the traffic in the south pacific big enough to need a new airport at the moment? BG
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