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  1. I agree, nice post, and my question is ; assuming all the north american buyers decide to follow your advice and go absolutely "by the book" which equates to doing the collections for the government of Costa Rica - what happens to the ticos who now get reported with higher transaction value and how long before the government learns about windfall revenues - ie - california in the 70's no disagreement that by the book vs off book is marginally different in few hundreds of dollars and the "right thing to do" , but how do we get everyone to participate - seems like the advanced guard becomes pawns in the banking world zeal for international transparency and the IRS (and equivilents) smiling agreement to follow the banks doesn't the " cedulas hipotecárias" approach clean up a lot of the abuse you describe as well as protect the buyer from land grabs as well ? I am very curious about this . . . . .
  2. Garland is very well informed and I would not take exception to anything said in that report - the truth continues that our clients are not the borrowers so their lot is a little different - thanks for reading AMCR
  3. RC - you can buy a very livable tico house for under $30 000 then spend a few hundred to add hot water and you're good to go
  4. afternoon Kenn - take a look at the links on the right hand side of http://la-tigra.com/link.html as you scroll down and add http://www.economicos.com/home.do , http://crmercado.com/costa_rica/index.cfm , http://www.amcostarica.com/ and http://www.ticoworld.com/index.php to the list those will give you some pretty good leads
  5. Michele - I don't quite understand : if you have properties to look at then do you have locations and contact information ? - the remainder of my response depends on your answer to this part ?
  6. thanks for clarifying Paul - in the cases I eluded to, one was bare land and the trusted chica (no contract) was neighbor - in the second instance, the trusted tica was live-in and the remote 40 so to speak became the prize
  7. do the terms liability and capital gains mean anything to you and transaction tax advantage too . . .
  8. bigK - you've got about 30 days to simply have local cops tell them to vamos , after that , your problems get much worse - this squatter thing happened to a couple of tico friends of ours , so it is not just a gringo deal - this is main reason to have local or onsite observer if you need to be away from the property in the case of my tico friends , they ultimately ended up paying thousands of dollars to the squatters to get off their land and relinquish all claims to the property - sad commentary in these cases the tico thought they were covered with sweet young tica watching the property and the sweet young things got boyfriends who decided to keep the woman and the property - wow !!! where did I put my shotgun . . . . .
  9. mornin' Tim and Ryan - can you delete this for me please BobC
  10. in Costa Rica there are two distinct marketplaces - perimeter, meaning beaches, and in past pacific beaches more than caribbean have been the speculative buy and sell spot while the central valley has been the buy and keep region - we here in the north central valley have in past been the independent folks who enjoy living within the local communities and are not afraid of change - all that is evolving . . . . the big kahuna's have overdeveloped the central pacific beaches and now are beginning their californication of the northwest beaches in the Guanacaste province and the central valley is becomming saturated with overpriced properties - easy to buy but a bitch to sell - ask anyone who has been there a few years the baby-boomers have not started the big movement yet and obviously, we are betting they will find our north central valley region before the sharks get in the water - so, my friend, that (and my wife's birthday) is all I know), so I hope you will get something from it . . . . . .
  11. my comment is based on communications with local shop keepers, hoteliers and merchants in our region which is La Fortuna / Arenal and their cash flow difficulties for this past season - I do not have the hard numbers to support it as factual but do see the sell-off trend in my business - so, take it for what is is worth to you and understand the source
  12. TG - let me second that in no uncertain terms - we need such an open forum Bob C
  13. Tim and Ryan can give a more informed response to your direct question Kahuna, but I will add a comment that tourism has been down some 30% this past year and that would indicate reduced purchases throughout our economy in Costa Rica
  14. Mike - " Thanks so much for the imput! What do you think of investing in CR in general and would you point me in the right direction? " there is an expression used in Costa Rica that we know thousands of investors who leave Costa Rica in just a few short years with one million dollars - the problem is; they came here with 3 million dollars have that tatooed on your brain and enjoy your personal visit to see what is really happening in Costa Rica, and it's not stuffing our bank accounts with free money saludos y pura vida
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