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  1. good afternoon Tom - I really appreciate your input and your floor guy's confidence - I think I will get my contactor to try the sample area and if we can do it here, then we are listo - I'll let you know if we need your guy to hold our hand and also our results thanks again señor DonTom
  2. good morning Franklin - if you follow this link = http://www.la-tigra.com/autos.html then go about half way down the page, you will see link to "hacienda" and if you read carefully how to use the information you will know exactly what it would cost to bring that vehicle
  3. we have about 25 m2 to fix and yes, we do have an area to experiment - thanks Tom and let me know what your experienced guy says becuase obviously, we cant to the high maintenance reglaze
  4. great treatise Tom and I couldn't agree more - when we first started building here in Costa Rica we would take competitive bids between block, superblock and pre-fab concrete - after some both positive and negative experiences, we concluded that any money saved was insufficient to offset the headaches and heartaches of trying a "new approach" in CR, and we have simply used standard block construction from that point on ... let me call on your CR HomeBuilder experience and expertise for a problem we have - on one of our projects the owner selected a bathroom floor tile made in Spain and it is extremely slippery to the point of being hazardous in my opinion - I have used this same brand tile in Europe without difficulty and the manufacturer informed us that the export version has an extra glaze coat for long term appearance - they don't admit to the hazardous possibilities and we have no recourse in a practical sense we had a similar circumstance in the states some years ago and solved the problem with an acid bath using Oxalic acid - the problem is I can't find Oxalic acid in CR and import is not feasible - I don't think Muratic is strong enough to cut the glaze and Muratic tends to "cloud" finish in any event - so, do you have any suggestions based on your experience and expertise here in CR short of the dreaded non-slip strips will appreciate any assistance you may be able to send this way, and of course, solicit a decent solution from others who have had and resolved this same problem using products available here in Costa Rica
  5. don't all modern day operating systems have password controlled content filters ?
  6. your SA Corporacion must be set up in Costa Rica and any reputable attorney/notary will set one up for $250 - $300 USD utility servives and banking institutions (and government agencies too) will vary in their interpurtation of rules and regulations and their implentation of unpublished 'specifications' - you will not get the same answer regarding these items from any two well intentioned folks on this board - therefore, it will always be in your best interest to have your SA Corporacions in place when you want to order or transfer services - as Tim recently mentioned in another thread, the catch 22 is - 'oficially' the owner of the phone number is supposed to turn it back in to the gods at ICE and the new 'owner' siply waits in line for new service - maybe 3 or 4 years ? for that reason, we here in CR do not attempt to transfer telephone service, we just get a 'special power of attorney' from the registered owner so we can make moves and changes it is really not that complicated or overwhelming, just different, and we are in a country not our own - si ?
  7. agree Tim and would add only a practical note that if you own property via a SA, then you can get your water, electric and telephones in that SA Corp name - otherwise, you must carry forward the present owner name at some or even high risk - Tim has talked about the catch 22 of the telephones so I won't repeat that - just get your SA Corp and your life will be easier - period and finally (today) DO NOT put your property and your vehicle in the same SA Corp - xxx - for a couple hundred bucks you can have, and should use, separate corporacions .......
  8. ah Scott - I sincerely hope that is the biggest problem you have to face in the pura vida
  9. Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo - - - > http://www.La-Tigra.com/xmas.html
  10. there are several in the area and we use one lady here in La Tigra and another lady in Florencia - we can introduce to to both if you would like and see which one you are more comfortable with - there is another in San Isidro and a dozen or so in Fortuna, so it will not be a problem call our toll free 1 877 number if you need to discuss , and we'll see you very soon
  11. good morning - to be a notary, you must be an attorney - but - an attorney does not need be a notary - so, you want to find an attorney who is also a notary and it would be very difficult (to say the least) to have different persons do this seperately
  12. good afternoon Laura & Randy - there is quite a bit of information about the La Tigra area on our website if you check the various links and look at the maps for orientation - you can also check out our lodging site > http://www.QUinnTA.com and do come visit when you come to Costa Rica - who knows, maybe Randy will like the pura vida as much as we do ?
  13. hi Laura & Randy - in a previous lifetime I lived on both sides of you - Fernley Nevada and Kingman Arizona - now, we live in La Tigra Costa Rica - hope all works out as you plan and welcome as a new neighbor in Costa Rica soon ....
  14. good morning Miguel - I use the registry almost every day and I have found it easiest to leave both "Horizonta" and "Duplicado" fields blank and always start with 000 in "Derechos" field - we also check 001 and 002 to be sure of later transactions
  15. thanx for the explain JRH - never really spent that much time looking cause I'm usually busy sending . . . . let me know if you see any of mine put in by kamakazi realty (smile)
  16. well said JRH but help me with the part about Craig's list - I haven't seen the different prices you speak of or I am missing something ? good point on the references - one of (if not the largest) scammers in CR has the most glowing recommendations - that's worthy of an I.P.S. check
  17. thanks CC , but think I've got it covered now - muchas gracias amiga
  18. if you are headed to Costa Rica around the first week of August and are planning to spend your first night at Vida Tropical or Villa Bonita B&B Hotel - and - are willing to bring along some gringo stuff for Bob, please send me an email so we can discuss - muchas gracias
  19. we invite you to join our forum at La Tigra so you can share the wisdom of your age with those of us less fortunate http://latigra.proboards61.com/index.cgi
  20. Mr Baker's overview appears to be tied to the population stream to the playas and I would think the internal wars regarding permissions and construction are much more meaningful indicators of "stagnation" - I can't find any link to US or Canada other than speculation, which is ever present ? bottom line = I'm in with TicoGrande on this one
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