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  1. thanks, but that's not what we need - there used to be a link where you simply put in your plate number and the cost was displayed - understand ?
  2. I have lost the link for INS that allows wnyone to calculate marchamo fee by license plate number - would appreciate if someone can refresh my aging memory
  3. glad we could be of some help John - and before ir was too late !!! this gal 'R' apparantly gave that attorney $100k + and didn't even get a receipt - then a year or so later she still had no property or money - not the sort of due dilligence I want any part of ..... we do not pay the attorney until we see the transaction at registro - not the promise of maƱana, but the actual online verification - then there is very little chance the attorney will convert the property to his or his girl friend's name - si ?
  4. John - in your initial post you elude to "this was her response" which presumes you were working with a woman - duh if it is the one I know of in that area, be very cautious because she has told me of having lost over $100,000 of her own money because she does NOT understand due dilligence or how to go about it read my signature site caveat emptor
  5. you do not get a title for 'concession' properties - period move on and get a representative that knows of which they speak here is legal overview = legal stuff
  6. hola vegaslaz - no sir, everything MUST go to registro via notario and that is minimum of 30 days for hard copy - however, with an honest attorney/notary when you sign and change money, it is a "done deal" and should be visible on the internet in 10-14 days with hard copy a week or two later FYI - we hold back some of the attorney/notary payment UNTIL the transaction is physically recorded - just an incentive so the notary doesn't "forget" to record the deal - that is where most property thefts occur, so caveat emptor
  7. when you buy the SA, the property is included therein, so you would save the transference tax which is 1.5% x the declared sale value or highest recorded value of property, whichever is higher - you can buy the existing SA and save approximately 30 days waiting time for your own SA to become live - those are the two primary advantages
  8. Good morning PVA and no, it is not too late as our "sacrifice" testing only worked when we severly scratched the finish - don't know if you would be allowed to bring this stuff along, being a chemical composition, but I will contact them to see if they have a distribution setup in Central America or CR send me an email so I can keep in touch while checking this out please - and Thanks again , this looks like our solution any idea offhand what coverage is per gallon per application ? we have 7 bathrooms and each one is about 80 square feet
  9. and when the tico neighbors are caught-up in the windfall tax freenzy and forced to sell out or lose the property, you can bet we will have earned our reputations as ugly americans - again ?
  10. absolutely my pleasure Laura - con mucho gusto - we love to show the little guy off
  11. you just gotta help a guy with a new set of wheels Andrey did the rest all by himself !!!!! http://cr-2.com/andy07/07.html me ? , I got this GREAT coffee cup - see >>>>
  12. gracias JP and the same for you from my grandelf, our daughters, their husbands and Irina and the old gringo
  13. right back at ya Paul - you guys have a great one - to update = my wife is Russian and Orthodox so we get Xmas in December and again the first week in January because the orthodox version is a week behind the western version - must be the distance east or something ?
  14. pretty cheap there JD - won't even turn loose of a string - geeezzzzz did you ever learn where copper wire comes from ? that would be two dutchmen fighting over a penny
  15. good afternoon Becky - if I may add a little to your post, I want all to know there is not a thing wrong with selling % shares of a developer project and if that is what you are about, just say that plain and clear - if we are selling shares we don't call them "Affordable Ocean and Mountain View Homesites - From 55k " because as you are well aware, those lots can NOT be built on unless and until the catastro and escritura are in order and transferred title to the owner/builder, -------.
  16. -------. all we do here in Costa Rica is try to help folks come out ahead and you know that is difficult as you have eluded to some of the "shortcut" pitfalls in describing your own services - again, -------.
  17. good luck with your future projects and we will continue to tell everyone we meet to never buy a property that they may, or may not, ever get clear title to -------.- Thank you for sharing a personal experience that I am sure was not satisfactory -
  18. gracias for an excellent post Tom - pura vida
  19. excellent post Johnny M and thanx for the reminder Ryan - our experience is as Johnny says with the exception of the freenzy cycle last March when we had a couple transactions take 45-60 days FYI - the Registro website has been down for over a week, so that will have a definite impact on the front end due dilligence for some period of time
  20. thanks for the explanation ------- now, it is pretty much up to -------to follow through or not
  21. good morning -------- how about doing one of your investigations and let us know if this guy is one of those disadvantaged developers of just a guy who got screwed - thanks for your volunteered investigation on a very important issue
  22. your new car is most likely not yet in the system - seems to take over a year for entry data to be viable here is tax base - FYI, it's quite a bit more than 30% - the "domestic tax" for vehicles coming into Costa Rica is based on "black book" value - 52.29% x importation valor for model years 2003 through 2007 63.91% x importation valor for model years 2001 and 2002 79.03% x importation valor for model years 2000 and older
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