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  1. Using ARCR, the will make the passport copies when you apply. They did for me.
  2. I would be interested when I get there in a few months. Also, any Rosicrucians in the crowd?
  3. That sounds like good advice. Thanks.
  4. I am moving to CR soon near San Jose and would like to have a social life centering around regular social activities which include CR single women. I am fluent in Spanish and wonder where the middle aged Costa Rican women socialize. Thanks for the comments.
  5. ARCR Phone Number

    Thanks, Paul, I did try to call the last 3 days and did send an email a few days ago. I guess I'll just wait until Monday. gg
  6. What are the hrs for ARCR this week? I ask because it's Semana Santa soon and I have been trying to call to register for the seminar with no luck. Thanks gg