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  1. whitecat

    New ARCR ID Cards

    Thanks Paul. I guess I’ll just wait and see. My emails to them go unanswered with or without my id number so I gave up on that.
  2. Is everything in place now to get the new picture ID’s at the ARCR office. I heard about it in January but never did see an update. thanks
  3. whitecat

    ARCR Emails

    I always have put my number on my emails. I have recieved no reply for the last 5-6 mails I have sent over a few months. I just gave up. If they are busy, I understand, but I NEVER get a response from the mails.
  4. whitecat

    ARCR Emails

    Why is it that ARCR does not answer emals?
  5. I have my cedula. Do I still have to register with my local clinic to get the carnet? I understand this has just changed and it is no longer required. Thanks,
  6. I have my cedula. If I leave the country to visit the USA, on the return do I have to show an onward ticket? Also can I use the Residente line at Immigration on the return? Thanks
  7. whitecat

    Costa Rica Bank Advantages

    Thanks, I will look into it.
  8. whitecat

    Costa Rica Bank Advantages

    Good info, thanks!
  9. I have a BCR Passport account which allows me a deposit limit of $1,000.00 per month and a debit card. I just got my Pensionado cedula so I am able to change that. Besides the higher limits, can anyone tell me the advantages of upgrading the account? Can I write checks for deposit? Can I pay rent online? Social Securit direct deposit? Bank transfers? All input appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thanks Eleanor.....tell me, what is the time frame involved? Once applied for will you stay on your cycles? Will you see it the following month on the same day as usual, or does the day of the month change? ? Any best time to go during the month? Will you have to have a certain type of account with BCR? thanks again, GG
  11. So much info here on that subject that I am confused. I have a cedula. I have a BCR account. Can some give me the easy 1., 2., 3., steps to take with the embassy to have my SS check deposited here. So many forms on their website. What exactly is needed? How long does it take once applied for? Thanks
  12. Good news.......will one still have to be registered in some way with their clinica, or just a walk-in as stated? thanks
  13. Well that sounds promising.....I just wrote ARCR a note to mention that for my appt......one other thing. What willI have to take besides a passport and a copy of my apt lease if ARCR has all the other documents? thanks again.

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