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  1. Hi Ryan, That was a very good question by Evans, as I could find myself in the same predicament and I'm sure more people like us. I'm also applying now and will only be ready to move in about a year or two from now, and wondering the ramifications if there is any! Ryan, I sent you an e-mail in your inbox and I will be in CR after Christmas, and hoping I can start my process during this time like finger printing, etc.... Also, I hope I can meet somebody there who I can talk to, because I have have some questions when I get there. Hope you can help! Dan
  2. This is a very good topic and I'm interested in possibilities on wine making over there but just for my personal use. I know of a guy here that grows his own grapes here (Canada) and makes varieties of cooking wine. He is very successful now, and sells this cooking wine at local markets everywhere. There are grapes that grow here (Canada) but it's is a special grape or vine that does very well in cold temperatures, so my guess is anything could be possible over there. Dan
  3. Sorry if I hurt your feelings RoboCop, for reasons you were maybe once a cop, but you have no right to tell me to shut up! Don't get me wrong I have nothing against cops, just the ones that think they're above the law. I may have had a little frustrations there, but with good reason because they acted without even checking what it was. You certainly weren't there so how could you judge me being unfair to them! This site is open to members who wish to get information on residency requirements and what documents needed to get there. If you're soul purpose is to complain when newbies like me are looking for information to helps us then... who needs your help. Your duty here should be trying to help out the people who need it, and try giving the best possible answers to your knowledge. Another one of your blogs below....I wonder! Not to worry, Paul. I am always quick to complain, as you may have noticed.......and, you can follow my progress at: http://latigra.proboards61.com/index.cgi?b...read=1177621243 I am trying to keep that spot up to date, as things move along.....every so slowly.... Let's make a few things clear! First, I never mentioned that a DUI is a minor thing, just that it was back in 2000 (about 8 years ago), and I never did kill anyone. I'm sure there are citizens of CR that had similar issues to deal with or who knows who and what they did. Second, you are long standing member of this site and you mentioned to me... not knowing anything about a "Sample Letter of Good Conduct". Here is a blog of one of your letters as follows from your friend Paul. Looks like you know very well, because you followed up with a "Sorry I made a mistake" jdocop, One does not need to have a criminal records check done. The document that is needed is a Police Letter of Good Conduct which is issued by the police department in the town or county of one's current residence. The PLoGC verifies that a person has no police record in their place of residence. Hope this clarifies the document requirements a little. Cheers! Paul M. You followed up! Sep 23 2007, 04:36 PM sorry, Paul, I had "borrowed" that list from a previous poster, and neglected to correct the mis-statement....it is, indeed, a simple police report that is required Third, the Police ask me for this sample or an example of a "Letter of Good Conduct" for them to see it. So that's why I was asking if anybody knew about it so I could show them what it is. Last, I will find a way around it and will do whatever is asked of me to get this "Letter of Good Conduct". Ryan himself told me it wasn't a "Criminal Background Check" just a simple letter of me being a good citizen. I will get around this and find a way, don't worry! If you really have helpful advice other than the one you gave me, I will take it, but if you're just here to complain and tell me to shut up, then keep it to yourself! Thanks,
  4. Thanks for the FYI Paul....Ryan is already looking into this, as I already e-mailed him and he knows about it...he's very helpful! Yes, I am in Canada and they are the local RCMP the ones on the horses with red suits and funny clown hats! That's my general description of them now, because they are suppose to be there to serve and protect the people but the they left out serve out of it! When they are unsure of something here they just deny you, because they don't want to take the time and check....simple! If this is not a police background check, then I really don't know what it is? I do have a DUI about 8 years ago but maybe that's why they want me to get one. I already did and it came positive which mean I have to ask for a pardon for this DUI. I can't see this being a deterrent on Costa Rican Immigration side, as they drink and drive over there anyway! So if my criminal background check came in appositive for a DUI 8 years ago, then how could they give me a "Police Letter of Good Conduct'? I am perplexed about this issue now! Paul... in Canada we are still behind most countries as you know, so this could take time. Over here they make laws, and they are unsure as to how they work and don't want to make an effort looking further! That's one reason I want to get out of here! When I told them what I wanted they also knew what it was but then took another road. They are kind of saying what if you committed a crime and we don't know about it and leave the country!! then we will be responsible???? I told them that they already had my criminal background check so they can see for themselves. I'm kind of going in circles now, so just trying to be diplomatic and not loose my cool, because it's just going to get harder for me to get it! Anyway, I will get back as soon as I can get a sample letter of 'Police Letter of Good Conduct'! to show them what it looks like! I just hope they can read it! Thx
  5. Hi all, Well I just did the first move and I'm officially an ARCR member now. My thanks to Ryan so far, he's trying to help with this letter of good conduct. My problem now is they are thinking that I need a criminal background check, but I insisted it's only a letter of good conduct. I even showed them a copy or the requirements on this site. Now they want to see a copy of this letter, but I don't know where to find one! Would anybody here know where I could find a copy or example of this letter! Thanks, Dan
  6. dancanada

    contacting ARCR

    I have tried this also and it doesn't work, there must be another number for missing somewhere!
  7. I know this topic has been raised before, but I still don't understand, the Costa Rican law concerning the rules and regulations there! It seems to be blindsided, if you just come here and spend money... they will not enforce anything. I don't seem to grasp what would be the advantage of getting a residency permit, because somebody with a tourist visa can have the same rights as a resident, except he has to leave every 90 days. If you cannot get a work permit either way (correct me if I'm wrong), then why wouldn't you just come in with a tourist visa and do the same things that a resident can? Crazy Question! Does the law protect you more with residency permit than somebody with a tourist visa? Would you have more protection if say, your working teaching English, than a non-resident? I know you don't need any working visas teaching English but everybody is doing it...right! I guess....you have to understand Costa Rican mentality and laws there. Another question! If I apply for my residency here (Canada), can I be allowed to stay in Costa Rica? Could I teach English there and not feel it's a big risk? Do immigration often check private schools and public there? What are the risks and is there a lot of people doing this? I'll give you a quick answer on my last question, if you just check Daves' ESL Cafe in the Costa Rica section of teaching in English. The answer is a definite YES! Nobody gets caught....except the occasional expat that gets drunk and goes there for all the wrong reasons, or the guy that meets a Tica in a strip bar and thinks he's in love after she swiped him clean, and sent him packing back home. Any input would be greatly appreciated on this! Dan http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?act=Post&...amp;qpid=12196# Help Toggle Side Panel
  8. Hi all, I'm a 46 year old Canadian and qualify for "Pensionado" residency. I would like to move ahead with this and get all my documents ready, as I don't want to waste any more time. I have sent a few e-mails to ARCR but no answer yet, maybe too busy on other expats trying to move there also! Can anybody help? Thanks, Dan

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