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  1. Was my reply to this question deleted? I replied a day or two ago, but I do not see my reply here.
  2. I've found this site to be very helpful. You can use the Search function for various subjects, like "Corporations", "Real estate", etc... http://www.crexpertise.info/?source=headlines
  3. I want to check a finca # in the registron nacional, and I have all the info but not sure how to fill out the web form at the registro web site (which can be accessed at www.registronacional.com among other portals). So anyway, I know to put the 6 digit number where it says Finca, I know to put San Jose for the Provincia, I know to put M where it says Horizontal, but I have no idea what to put in the form where it says Duplicado, and Derechos, although there is a little popup that says "indique un numero de tamano tres" when you put the cursor over Derechos. Can anyone help me out here? how do I know what to put for Duplicado and Derechos?
  4. Preferably in San Jose', not for beach land just farm land. Already have recommendation of Umana, need another one, or two.
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