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  1. Was my reply to this question deleted? I replied a day or two ago, but I do not see my reply here.
  2. I've found this site to be very helpful. You can use the Search function for various subjects, like "Corporations", "Real estate", etc... http://www.crexpertise.info/?source=headlines
  3. I want to check a finca # in the registron nacional, and I have all the info but not sure how to fill out the web form at the registro web site (which can be accessed at www.registronacional.com among other portals). So anyway, I know to put the 6 digit number where it says Finca, I know to put San Jose for the Provincia, I know to put M where it says Horizontal, but I have no idea what to put in the form where it says Duplicado, and Derechos, although there is a little popup that says "indique un numero de tamano tres" when you put the cursor over Derechos. Can anyone help me out here
  4. Preferably in San Jose', not for beach land just farm land. Already have recommendation of Umana, need another one, or two.
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