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  1. Franklin

    Selling a Home

    Hello Everyone, I have heard that you're required to pay 30% on the profit that you make on selling your house here in Costa Rica. And I was wondering if anyone has gone through this experience? Thank you, Franklin
  2. Hi David, I had the same problem on my PC running Windows 8.1. I started having problems today when I upgraded Java to the latest. I called Banco Nacional and they helped me sort things out. This is what I had to do: 1. Opened the Java Control Panel 2. Clicked on the Security tab and then clicked on "Edit Site List" 3. Clicked add and entered: https://www.bnonline.fi.cr Clicked OK 4. Clicked on the Advanced tab, scrolled to the bottom and selected "Use SSL 2.0 compatible ClientHello format" Clicked OK and I was done. Franklin
  3. It would be easier for you if you renew your rentista residency next month, why wait....
  4. Franklin

    Air Bed

    Thanks for the information.
  5. Franklin

    Air Bed

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know where I can buy an Aerobed or similar air mattress? Thanks, Franklin
  6. Franklin

    Rash started' what could it be?

    Hello DandelionDeseos, First of all, welcome to Costa Rica!. I suggest you check out this website: wwww.medicinenet.com, here you might be able to find out what you have. Good luck, Franklin
  7. Franklin

    Fear of learning Spanish

    Nobaloni - Here's a free website for those who would like to learn the Spanish language in a friendly manner. Check out Livemocha.com. Buena suerte!
  8. Franklin

    Practicar el español

    ¿Que bién? ¿Cómo están todos? Si, por supuesto es hora de practicar español. Aquí en Costa Rica son las 4:08 PM. Chao.
  9. Franklin

    Small Quake?

    I also felt it here in Puriscal around 7:10 PM. Did anybody else feel it?
  10. Think whatever you want, there's life outside ARCR. ;
  11. Hello Everyone, Usually I don't respond to too many posts, but I couldn't help myself this time. Let's stop being an alarmist, just because the legislature says something has passed, that doesn't mean that this is set in stone. Let's wait until we as guests in this country get more conclusive facts about what's really going on. For those of you who still want more information on this, talk to a REPUTABLE Costa Rican lawyer, he or she would be the best person to get accurate/up to date information on this matter.
  12. Franklin

    Español (todos los tipos)

    Que bien Laura, sigue adelante, sigue estudiando
  13. Franklin

    Need help

    Hello Tom, My wife and I took a tour with George Lundquist, which was incredibly helpful and informative. This would be the best way to start to gather information about Costa Rica and at the same time to see if Costa Rica is really for you and your mother. After taking this tour or any other tour, you should have a better understanding of where exactly you and your mother would like to live. My wife and I have been here already 10 months and we are 45 minutes away from CIMA (private hospital). This hospital is one of the best in Costa Rica. Based on our experience, the Central Valley seems to be the best place to live due to a spring-like climate, which is not too hot nor too cold. Best of luck, Franklin
  14. Franklin


    Hola, Estoy de acuerdo con ustedes, pero no hay que olvidarse de la "Salsa" que se ha vuelto muy popular atraves del mundo, chao.
  15. Hello Laura, That is correct. In fact, a lot of Latins are racist because their roots go back to Spain or are of European blood.

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