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  1. Hello everyone and to PEP4136 I am new to these forms and this is only my second comment, but when I read the comment by pep4136 I wanted to add my opinion. If I offend anybody I am sorry. Whoever you are pep4136, I am so glad you asked Ticogran to remove you. I hope he did, but since your comment is still there, maybe he didn't. Though we are new here, I think this will be a much better form without you in it. Everything i have read in these forms has been helpful to me and my wife and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time and effort that must go in to this. As I understand it, this form is one for comments about anything not having to do with the other forms. I do not know where this pepe person gets off telling somebody how to run their form or worse telling people they do not have the right to say anything they want in it. Are you some kind of Nazi Pepe? Free speech is not something to be stopped. I have been a teacher for 34 years and I spent many years encouraging my kids to talk freely and then you come along with your comment telling people what to think and what to say. Good riddance to bad rubbish! And to Ryan Piercy. We are currently visiting Costa Rica and we will be here for 2 more weeks. Before we leave, we will be joining ARCR. We appreciate what you have done here and we hope you will continue your fine efforts. Jason
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