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  1. Contact member Kahuna, he runs http://www.ecopreservationsociety.org
  2. "i have not applied for a loan w/anyone yet in c r " Well I suggest that you do before you try to tell others what it takes to get a loan in Costa Rica.
  3. Thanks, Kevin. I know a few realtors all over Costa Rica who are honest. The most important thing is that the buyer has a good attorney who works for him/her and not the seller. I know horror stories like some of you would not believe. I have a great attorney friend who has his office on the Nicoya Peninsula, and his dad's office is in the San Jose area. So if anybody ever needs an attorney for a transaction or to fix an issue, I'll be more than happy to give you the information.
  4. I have been shopping around and found a mortgage company which I have heard nothing but good about, and they have sent me a form for anyone to fill out who wants a mortgage. You guys can go ahead and download it at http://www.firetown.com/Loan and email it to mike@firetown.com Hope to be able to connect the dots here and will let you guys know more once I have more information on what qualifies and what disqualifies an applicant. Mike
  5. I will pass those questions on to a mortgage company.
  6. I have asked a few people and will hopefully be able to get you guys some info by tonight. Mike
  7. all size loans. Will build a database for out construction site and if you know people who give small and large loans for construction projects, please post them in this thread or message me in private. thanks
  8. Justin, do your research and fill a demand. There are many ways, but if you don't take your time choosing what to do and do what has been done a million times, it can be frustrating competing with those who have been in the business a lot longer and know what works and what doesn't. Mike
  9. I have seen people buy land for $120.00 a square meter while the lot right next to it sold for $20 a square meter. It really does also depend on how well connected you are in the community. Good deals come and you never know when.
  10. From what I have seen, the trends shift by area. Some of the locations where land sold like hotcakes a couple of years ago, it's now the people with capital to build who own the land and the construction begins, while other areas are still cheap and people now look into those to start buying it up.
  11. My savings account is with Banco de Costa Rica, just because that is the bank I first opened an account with. But looking forward to reading about some other options from you guys.
  12. Up in Santa Teresa there are builders charging 1k a meter easy. Their work is very high end. Luxury. It's the same area where Mel Gibson, Giselle, Leo etc. live. Up there you don't get quality work cheap. It's pretty much about where you live and build.
  13. En serio, yo legusta Panama mucho mas de Costa Rica. Ahorra yo soy en Puerto Viejo y aci es mejor tambien. Rasta Style baby
  14. absolutely, and pick a lawyer who is being referred to you by people whose judgement you trust!
  15. Vivo dos anos en Costa Rica, ahorra Panama Ciudad. Apprender un poco, solamente para communicar, no para impressar.
  16. Yo necessita practicar mas Espanol
  17. Got it! One of my best friends is a lawyer on the Nicoya Peninsula, and there it works like that. If any of you needs an attorney in that area, I will be happy to get you in touch with him. His dad has also a law office in San Jose. ~ Mike
  18. The property needs to be on a public road and then it can be subdivided.
  19. between 700 and 1200 a square meter is what you should expect to pay. Of course it always varies on where the lot is located etc.
  20. I will ask on my friends real estate forum for you http://www.wannanetwork.com/discussion/sho...50297#post50297 keep an eye on it
  21. Those were not UFOs, but Mel Gibson's helicopter. He had too much to drink and made some crazy meneuvers helicopters normally don't do.
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