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  1. TicoVille

    Advise on travel to Nicoya Peninsula

    This is the one in Tambor http://www.barcelo.com/BarceloHotels/es-ES...rBeach/Home.htm Santa Teresa http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-...Puntarenas.html Montezuma is always a great place to go. Malpais has some hotels. "The Place" is the name of a great one. Those areas are excellent for surfing. Malpais right next to Playa Carmen has a National Park. Cabuya is a sleepy little surf town. You should definitely check out those places and then play it by ear. Our offices are in PLaya Carmen, so feel free to drop by.
  2. TicoVille

    Funding for Rainforest

    Contact member Kahuna, he runs http://www.ecopreservationsociety.org
  3. Belize is getting kind of dangerous though, have you watched the Ross Kemp video on gangs in Belize? Youtube it!
  4. You need an idea and then work to make it happen.
  5. TicoVille

    Costa Rican Mortgage Questions...

    "i have not applied for a loan w/anyone yet in c r " Well I suggest that you do before you try to tell others what it takes to get a loan in Costa Rica.
  6. TicoVille

    Travel to Nicaragua

    I didn't have a great experience with Nicaragua. Got all my stuff stolen, including my passport. Oh well, maybe next time it will be more fun.
  7. Hmm...I have heard a lot of different stories from various reliable sources. Cases where someone overstayed 2 years, got a new pp without a stamp and went to Panama, came back, and got a new visa. Cases where someone went to the airport to fly back to Israel after overstaying 4 months and the officer wrote into his passport entered into the immigration database that he was not allowed back. Here is my opinion: If you have overstayed, get a copy of your passport and have it certified by a lawyer. Be honest with the officials. Many are very forgiving. Others want a "tip" and they will stamp you. I recommend playing it straight, but IF you have already overstayed, don't freak out. Get a good attorney and you will find a way to fix it if they believe you are sincere. If you make them mad and act like you deserve being treated like an exception to their rules, they may ban you from Costa Rica, because Ticos hate it when Gringos coming here and act like they can do whatever they want.
  8. TicoVille

    Travel to Cuba

    tHE TRUTH is that the AMERIcan govenment knowns that central America is full of sex tourism. Guys from Europe who cannot score and seek CR girls. Everything is being overlooked. You buy you fly ... for now!
  9. TicoVille

    Travel to Cuba

    I know many Americans who have been to Cuba. The Cuban authorities are aware of the law and will let Americans enter, but not stamp your U.S. passport in order to protect you from being possibly detained when going back to the U.S. and ICE seeing a Cuban visa in there.
  10. it has to be travel related
  11. A friend is building a site and wants to buy a brandable domain for Costa Rica. If you have one, list it here or message me. No garbage please. My be short catchy and brandable. Mike
  12. TicoVille

    Buying land or property

    Thanks, Kevin. I know a few realtors all over Costa Rica who are honest. The most important thing is that the buyer has a good attorney who works for him/her and not the seller. I know horror stories like some of you would not believe. I have a great attorney friend who has his office on the Nicoya Peninsula, and his dad's office is in the San Jose area. So if anybody ever needs an attorney for a transaction or to fix an issue, I'll be more than happy to give you the information.
  13. Costa Rica is what the wild west was a couple hundred years back ... I think!
  14. TicoVille

    Costa Rican Mortgage Questions...

    I have been shopping around and found a mortgage company which I have heard nothing but good about, and they have sent me a form for anyone to fill out who wants a mortgage. You guys can go ahead and download it at http://www.firetown.com/Loan and email it to mike@firetown.com Hope to be able to connect the dots here and will let you guys know more once I have more information on what qualifies and what disqualifies an applicant. Mike

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