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  1. Peter.....Craigslist is ok......try also looking on Encuentra 24....lots of rentals on that site too! If you are looking for a b and b for a few nights and some help from great owners....stay at Vida Tropical in Alajuela...you won't be sorry! Also, post on Yahoo costa rica living ( like Arcr forum ) ........ and ask if anyone knows of anything.......... like you are looking for...ya never know..they are helpful and informative! Buen Suerte ! You could maybe find something in an area that you like...rent for a month...if you don't like it...you will hear of other places , while you have been there a month....there is lots of nice places..you need to be here to find them..though..so you can see them and NOT rent..site , unseen! Margo
  2. I am so glad that you heard about this dog! Labs are wonderful. The property that I am living on here has 5 of them ! In Austin , where I lived , my neighbor owned one and I asked if I could walk her and he said ,YES. I walked her for 4 years (every day!) until they moved away. It is nice to have someone else's dog to help out! They never never took her anywhere and I even hauled her into town some, and would walk her on the trail...needless to say...she LOVED her Aunt! Enjoy your new buddy! Margo
  3. hgrrt-3058868815@comm.craigslist.org Here is a cute dog that is one year old that needs a new home. Part retriever! Just thought I would send this your way!
  4. Hi ! I am a volunteer at AHPPA in San Rafael de Heredia! Great organization that has helped thousands of animals over the years! I strongly urge you to go there or to Lighthouse rescue or any others you may have closer to you to find the Dog that suits your family! The breeders here are not known to be good places to raise puppies and sell them for $ (sad!) There are so so so so many dogs in Costa Rica that need a home without buying from a breeder. There are plenty of puppies also, if that is what you have your heart set on. I hope you find the perfect pet for you and your family ! If you want to message me , I can be on the lookout for puppies at the Refugio. They go fast! But....it is the little bit older dogs that REALLY need the homes! Believe me....there are some wonderful dogs that are dumped by people , with no reason....except...maybe they want a poodle NOW! I have heard that! Margo
  5. Bye Julie. I look forward to meeting you hopefully when you get back to C.R. in a few months and going on some bus adventures!!!!! Take care and be happy and healthy! Margo
  6. For now it is canceled....but in the future..who knows!!!!
  7. We have used Nancy Vieto and have found her to be very good. She was recommended by alot of people and we are happy with her services . She checks and checks all of the details of the Real Estate deal and makes sure it goes well and no stones are left unturned. She speaks English and Spanish. Good luck! She is in San Jose. Nancy Vieto 506-2283-4545 cel-506-8855-2502
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