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  1. OK GUYS, THERE STEALING MONEY! I was on the Phone with a local REALTOR in Parrita,which is a town where this project is. They said that they are not selling what they say they are. The project has no lots on plot to begin withand no permits. The people selling the lots, are selling them under a different name. The Property is under Monte De Piedra and Selling Under a LLC COMPANY in the states. BEWARE of this SCAM! JUST MY 2 COLONES
  2. I hear from the ticos that there is a american builder from florida building houses in the jaco -parrita area . look up MITIERRACONSTRUCTION.COM. There are alot of ticos in my area working for him now, they say this american is bilingual and has a sence of being realistic with his prices, plus he has a reputable home builder company in the states just my 2colones
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