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  1. -------. there is bound to be some who are unhappy. Unfortunately the happy ones are not cruising the boards and forums looking to tell the world how happy they are. -------.
  2. ------- -------still a guy with 15 years experience with Costa Rica and having toured many of the major developments around the country, I still think is one of the best values in the country. I do sell and I do not sell through multi level marketing or "get rich quick" seminars. My wife and I sell the old fashioned way, through personal relationships acquired through trade shows and conferences like AARP, International Living and a score of home shows. We do not sell "investments" we sell lifestyles. We believe that building is easier than trying to do so on your own, especially if you do not speak Spanish. We are also owners and own back in the hills of Tres Rios, in phase 2, a phase that has been around for over 12 years. Feel free to contact me if you want to ask questions .... Here are the facts: No tmie limit to build your home Not required to use the developer as your builder the freedom to build your own home if you want the only construciton limiits are a minimum of 1000 square feet in the main house and that you have to have your land cleared of weeds once per yerar There are no Home Owners Association fees except in one or two phases, this is a biggie since many developments have high monthly fees Lots are fully improved with road, water and electricconstruction prices are inexpensive, at around $85 per foot for high end construction You have to pay extra for pools, driveways & site work, etc whereever you build, this is normal and expected Ventanas is not the only developer in the area, try Costa Azul or Lomas Coronado or any of the many others nearbyAny title issues we have had were due to things like an incorrect scale on our drawings submitted to MINAE or other "clerical" issues, though it does take time to get title issued to a "new development"
  3. Bob, If he would send me his contact info I would be happy to try to help him with his issues. -------. I would like to know what phase he bought in 2004 that still does not have a title, as I am unaware of such an issue. I did not suggest that HE was a developer but am aware through due diligence, that many who sound off are in fact other developers or builders. (what are you, bob?) The market drives prices in these regions and you get what you pay for in this world. Though we may think it is "Blue Sky Pricing", the reality is that sales in the area continue to increase right along with prices. Although I have seen a lot of speculation in some coastal towns like Jaco, most of our customers intend to live here sooner or later. Most Expats also do not want to have to build by themselves and are willing to pay a premium-------. You can't make everyone happy in this world and when you have as many customers -------, and when you also offer developer financing, you will always have some unhappy campers. Some bite off more than they can chew and then can't make their payments while others may have left their brain behind before heading to Costa Rica to look for property. Most however, came and bought their slice of paradise in a full service development where they need not speak the language, know a builder, architect or engineer and can end up with a great house in a a great location. Title issuance takes longer -------in other parts of the country, which most of us are well aware of if they read publications like AMCostarica, Tico Times or La Nacion. The rapid onslought of growth has far exceeded the ability of the municpal office staff to keep up. Titles in these developments do get issued and the reality is that risk and return are related in this world and the relationship says that the higher the risk, the higher the return. -------. -------
  4. It is very easy to say bad things about and remain annonymous. We have found that when we investigate who sponsors these posting, it is usually other builders or developers who have had difficulty competing. Title issues are many in Costa Rica, -------. If you read the Tico Times or La Nacion, you know that -------. Jsut because one person is not happy doesn't mean it is a not a very good choice for others. -------.
  5. It does appear that the central Pacific region is cooling but at the same time, the southern region is heating up. We have had record sales in the past year and business continues to sizzle. A major difference is what we sell, homesites and custom homes, not condos and high rise apartments. We aren't building spec condos or high rises and many people have now realized that the southern region (south of dominical) has a three story height restriction throughout the province. I think the folks who are disturbed with the amount of "high rise" construction going into the central region and now even into the middle of Manuel Antonio (Los Altos) are looking for a more environmentally appealing type of development (that's why we come to Costa Rica in the first place). Once one has visited to the southern region and headed down the Costernera from say Dominical to Palmar and seen the type of development going on in places like Uvita and Ojochal, they no longer want to be in areas dotted with high rises and the crime and bad smells that this type of density brings along with it. Gringos are opting for the south because it offers a chance to live amoung higher end single family neighborhoods and international communities. Now with the recent ribbon cutting by Oscar Arias on the site of the new southern zone International Airport, all those who said the airport would never get built are now scrambling to buy some property in the south, knowing that the airport will continue to make this the hottest market in Costa Rica. The lower cost of land in the southern region will soon be a thing of the past. We expect that land in the south will eventually be the most expensive since the local government here was smart enough to set good zoning practices before the onslaught of developers overran the area with high rises. Steve Linder Steve@PacificLots.com
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