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  1. I am thinking of buying property in Puerto Viejo area and this information about hooking up electricity to the property sounds like invaluable information... So, An individual cannot have existing service switched to their name? What about if there is no electricty to the property yet? Are these corporations set up in cost rica or say in the usa where I live now? The PV area seems very different than other parts of the country, is there anywhere I can get more information about how it might work in that area?? thanks..
  2. I am looking for property on the atlantic coast (Puerto Viejo area) and while there last time met an american, working as a real state agent, that showed me a property or two and is looking for others while I am getting prepared to return. If she finds one, and I buy it, I would gladly pay her a commision, but we have no contract to do so. I certainly can look for myself apon my return, but obviously, getting a good lawyer is of the utmost importance. My question is.... How do I find one? Who can I trust for a recommendation?, and is there a reliable database of lawyers with a track record ??? thanks for your help
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