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  1. In regard to Black prejudice in Costa Rica, you might find reading on the history of the United Fruit Company and the "great banana strike" of 1934 of interest. I have observed rare occasional "debate" between CR locals regarding "skin tone" which appears to reference "the darker the skin tone the more likely of mixed ethnicity". Usually meaning the person is of Afro-Caribbean descent. I say "debate" because the person to which the inquiry was directed did take some initial offense, but seemed to understand the comment was not malicious. From there the conversation progressed into mor
  2. It is always in the best interest of a property owner to have someone watching the property in their absence. That can be a friend, a management company, or someone employed for that purpose. Squatters would likely be the least of your worries compared to vandalism or theft for the area you are going, IMHO, and possibly no more a threat than where you live currently. For your own peace of mind, take the proper precautions and have someone keep an eye on your place; check with your lawyer or real estate agent or a trusted person who can give you additional info for your area. When I am not
  3. For those curious about buying real estate in Costa Rica as well as different ways to hold title, I highly recommend Scott Oliver's "How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa" (Camisa is shirt in Spanish). It has a multitude of information which will give anyone a heads-up on the how to, what to expect, and where else to go for more information and resources. [www.welovecostarica.com] ARCR also gives an abundant amount of information to those attending their seminars. If you come to Costa Rica, DO try to plan around the regular seminar dates. You will not regret it!
  4. THANKS BOB! Do you happen to know if this type of purchase would just be a matter of making the proper entries of sale and ownership/board changes in the corporate books (with atty supervision of course) prior to turning all books over to the new owner? No registro involvement necessary? Muchisimas gracias!
  5. I'm interested in purchasing a property held by an S.A. I have heard this is an "easier" transaction than when property is held in an individual's name, provided, of course, that both property and the corporation are without liens, encumbrances, etc. What would be involved? Without meaning to over-simplify, does the SA simply hand over their books or what? I'm sure there would be attorney fees, but would anything be done through the Registro? Has anyone out there had experience with this? Would appreciated any input from other's who may have experienced this or have knowledge of same.
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