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  1. If your property is titled, a corporation is not necessary but is recommended to make it more difficult for Uncle Sam to find you.
  2. I am not sure about MN Partners. I have recently solicited them as a partner to help promote my development. However I have heard some unfortunate news in the Tico Times about Mapache. I know what it said and I refuse to give a poor reccomendantion when I am not 100% sure but if you look in the Tico times somewhere in the last 4 or 5 editions you will find some usefull information.
  3. Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers........but find the right one. The is only one Law firm elected to Officially facilitate the purchase of a Real Estate between a Costa Rican and a foreignor.....However I will say that this is a third world country and their ducks are not all in a row. The BEST thing to do when purchasing is to involve a Reputable Title Company. Due to the rules of this website I will not post their information. However, you will recognize the name when you find one. And of course the title company will do a complete search to make your land purchase safe. As for the Money situation......the market is flooded with so many organizations......I associate my development with reputable companies to gain more exposure and you will not see a change in price from my site or theirs. I simply have a commission structure that I offer other companies and it is the seller's responsibility to provide these comissions.......take it or leave it is my motto when dealing with third parties. If you like the "third party" and want to help them with their comissions simply look for that same property on other websites..... Try to find the source. You can get a lawyer involved to find this information but you will need the "Folio#". If a company is not willing to give you a Folio # then more than likely they are "marking up prices". Their is a lot of them but it is necessary to find out if that company is reputable and honest. My experience lately is has been that most "third party" MLS companies do not use the "mark up strategy". Your biggest dangers are companies who have not received all the necessary "stamps" to make a document legal. Like I said GET TITLE INSURANCE. The problem with this country is simply growth. The Government cannot keep up with the developers demands to make their lands legal to sell or subdivide. It just simply takes to long for all the different municipalities to "approve" everything. Some of the smaller towns are still using file systems!! This causes major developers to "pay off" or develop with out permission. I will quote what one developer admitted to in the Tico Times: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission". I hope this information has helped everyone. Then again, who am I and how can you trust me........I'm a Realtor......but a reputable realtor from the US and CR. I invite you to research the above information.......Actually, I request that you do so if you are truly interested in investing in on of the top five foreign real estate markets.
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