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  1. Thanks for submitting yet another observant, intelligent and well-researched Post. Does anyone have ideas how to protect US financial holdings during this storm ? What is the conventional wisdom regarding US Pension security during an (apparently looming) Banking Crisis ? Any ideas how someone might move to secure such an income stream ? I am moving towards liquidating much of my real estate holdings into 'cash' in the form of Gold and Strategic Metals and eliminating all debt in my life. I am investing in secure, economical transportation and housing (I am fortunate to have BlueW
  2. Interestingly, this guy predicted with his first paragraph that most of you wouldn't get it. Prophetic then, we'll see about the rest. I recall Cody first gave accurate information about advanced biometric requirements about to be applied to expats. Now he's providing information and research warning us to keep our money safe during times of extreme financial crisis in the US. Some of us find that very important and applicable to a 'friendly little discussion group' when choosing to retire abroad. I prefer that to long posts and threads relating to pedophilia and sexual tourism (yuck
  3. That's not bad advice, but sometimes smelling the flowers can get you stung in the nose unless you're paying attention. This man presents important commentary on topics relevant to emigration and financial protections during Wartime (remember the War ?? Two countries??). Not to mention other small wars are breaking out all over the place. Personally I find his position informed and incredibly well-researched. I even browsed quite a few of the links and determined I am glad to have read this helpful information. Americans see DOZENS of obvious assaults on our freedoms, constitution,
  4. THANK YOU so much for the notice, I can't believe I missed the news. Went out with a spotting scope and totally enjoyed the 'steam explosion' the size of our sun. So easy to find too ! Called all my friends and had and wonderful astronomy outing. Amazingly, you caught me on the ONLY clear night we've had for some time, or since. One night viewing and that was all. Such a score !!! A a very enthusiastic sky-watcher you sincerely have my thanks !
  5. Where's the link ? I'm a comet watcher and this is BIG news ! Couldn't find anything.... I witnessed the Carmacks Lake Bolide Meteor as it passed over Juneau -- totally illuminating the sky as it shed layers, bright like it was daytime. It's hard to describe, but an experience like that changes a person. It could have been the end of our climate, if only a little larger. I'll remember the experience for life.... Nikki
  6. Chose Alaskgrrl because it's very anonymous -- unfortunately there are some bizarre 'Googlegangers' out there but it's worth not being too personal. At various times in my live I've suffered Internet stalking, Identity Theft and a host of other annoying troubles, learned it's very advantageous to remain as anonymous as possible in these forums. I once posted a photo on a dating site -- big mistake ! Shows up everywhere it seems.... I wonder if guys suffer this ! Nikki -- also not my real name. Maybe someday I'll meet you in person with a properly Latinized iteration of my real fi
  7. Gosh, I forgot you were from Texas... boy, it shows. Just remember if Alaska were to split ourselves in half Texas would be the third largest state. Only teasing in good fun -- these are old Alaska Jokes. Right along with the one that says the most beautiful sight in Alaska is a Texan walking south with an Okie under each arm. (For those of you who don't know, Alaska and Texas have battled each other since the Oil Patch Cronies took over our politics... I predict a typical "Don't mess with Texas" response, it's actually their State Motto). So now I find myself enjoying a grilling/ b
  8. Thank you Richard -- a great moderator ! JDO's challenge left me less than sure about the Coal content in briquettes, so I did the research: http://www.answers.com/topic/charcoal-briq...?cat=technology Raw Materials Charcoal briquettes are made of two primary ingredients (comprising about 90% of the final product) and several minor ones. One of the primary ingredients, known as char, is basically the traditional charcoal, as described above. It is responsible for the briquette's ability to light easily and to produce the desired wood-smoke flavor. The most desirable raw material f
  9. Good news about smoke. Humans have been sitting around a campfire for about two million years and those not able to handle smoke are long gone from the genome. Alaska Natives have never been exposed to concentrated sugar so they are dying of diabetes at absolutely alarming rates. They are experiencing a natural selection of this new diet. In fact, among animals humans are SPECTACULARLY resistant to the effects of smoke. It's why we can (or would) smoke things when other animals won't. On the other hand, one should limit the carcinogens concentrated on the surface of the food. In we
  10. I don't know.... I enjoyed knowing people cook with Coffee Wood in CR ! I can't imagine the taste and look forward to trying it. In Alaska we use Alder or sometimes Red Cedar if cooking fish fillet on a plank, in the barbeque. Makes me wonder what planked chicken on coffee wood might be like. Nikki
  11. I DO strongly recommend the telenovels (sopa operas) on spanish TV. As I mentioned elsewhere, the dialogue between the characters is very helpful and since it is more like interchanges you would hear everyday and because it is being delivered by professional actors, those dialogues are spoken with clarity and good diction. Also great for developing a sense of Fashion for those of us to whom it matters ~ ! I also recently hired a guy who spends winters in Tijuana Mexico. He rolled his R's like a machine gun, and was good practice for me. Even though it's not that strong in CR it helpe
  12. Hello Laura, I share your passion for learning Spanish later in life and wouldn’t dream of traveling without some knowledge of the language. Besides being fun it stretches our brains in places that haven’t been visited since birth. Forget Sudoku to prevent Alzheimers -- I’ll take Spanish ! I have found my DVD collection is proving a tremendous resource in surprising ways. I first watch familiar movies using Spanish subtitles. I sit with my laptop and a program called Ultralingua to boost my vocabulary from the subtitles. Then I watch them in Spanish to learn pronunciation, usi
  13. If you are referring to the .sex thing I look at it like partitioning, not censoring. However, we are allowed to censure children, but we can't. I get horrified by what pops up on the computer or gets into the kids email. I'm quite the liberal, heck even smoking weed is legal in Alaska and I support that. Just seems like I should be able to easily block if I choose to.
  14. Any chance the Tico Friendliness will go that direction after passage of CAFTA ? Alaska has been down this road before, and its' very likely the US will screw them. Alaska made a deal with the US during statehood for a 90/10 split for resource development taxes but only got 50/50 like the other Western States (who get nice federal things like bridges, railroads, dams, etc.). That was the deal we made, and the US agreed, signed the Contract. We never got our fair share. Several years ago we sued -- twice -- and it went all the way to the US Supreme Court. They said WE WON ! Agr
  15. As I understand it the 'net neutrality' issue relates to (fiscal) gatekeepers. If you don't have the dough, you won't get the show, moderating content based on the depth of your pocket. No taxes for internet sales are an example of the government looking the other way, for now. This is also likely to change. Blogs are also on the hit list.... government censorship is present in other countries. If anyone thinks it can't happen in the US (or everywhere) isn't paying much attention. The Bush Adminstration has gutted the protections of the US Constitution and once that fails other fr
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