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  1. Here's an interesting tidbit that may be relevant to this thread. Draft 2005, pending legislation in the U.S. House and Senate (twin bills: S89 and HR 163) on deck and ready for implementation as early as Spring 2005. That's right, a draft; women will be included also. Limited deferments, forget about Canada this time. Well isn't that just wonderfull? Funny we never hear anything this in the national media. Oh, I forgot; this is an election year. Certainly wouldn't want to upset anyone. Meanwhile, 7 of the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers have recently been shipped out to sea, suppose
  2. Another book you may want to read. Took me 6 weeks on the waiting list to barrow this one from my local library. "Against All Enemies, inside America's war on terror" by Richard A. Clarke. Draw your own conclusions.
  3. Weekend reading suggestions: The Creature from Jekyll Island by Griffin The Price of Loyalty by Suskind(?) Worse than Watergate by J.W.Dean The Great Depression edited by Shannon Read 'em and weep. I did.
  4. Hmmm?, not too many people voting here. As of today, W may in fact be in deep dodo. After listening to national security advisor Condoleezza Rice's testimony I have come to the opinionated conclusion that there was a dereliction of duty. My opinion only. I would have thought she would have expressed at least a shred of an apology for the tragedy that occurred on 9/11. Any semblance of regret or an admission of human err was absent. How dare her to be so righteous. Bush may be toast, but unfortunately Kerry is just the crumbs. Heaven help us. lawrence
  5. Well, I voted here and I will do so in November in spite of the fact there really is no choice. The next "puppet" has already been preordained by our friendly central bankers and the NWO(new world order). Bush vs. Kerry, what a joke. Unfortunately, I'm not laughing. In the event the prepolls are not going as scheduled, expect to see Osama thawed out sometime in October. If that doesn't sway the polls expect another "event" that will initiate Martial Law. ie., there won't be an election. Somehow I question if we really had one last time. No offense to anyone...this is a political t
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