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  1. Vicky00, How many units are complete and ready for occupancy, of those how many sold? How are the pre-sales going with the 140 units in the second phase? Are the price points stable or having to be reduced to close sales? What options with financing are available?
  2. Most of the time I love these forums. Learn from others, find enlightenment and amusement, widen my perspective----- Laura, keep it up, dream and hope for the future---- JDO, you keep us grounded and closer to reality, I appreciate your comments. Energy, chill out and have fun with it, life's too short. ed f
  3. Laura, I find your posts to be both informetive and enjoyable. The National Anthem post was a great one, at least for me. Keep asking questions and sharing as others benefit from your efforts. Thanks! ed f
  4. Laura, Thanks for posting this, looking forward to your performance. ed f
  5. Sabo, Your comments are reflective of my read on the situation, and most appreciated---funny though---on another forum, the moderator replied to my question commenting about how hot the San Jose-Sabana Park area market is, great investment potential, etc---buy now! We love costa rica, and can't wait to get our business tied up here in US. Plan to move down in early '11. Do you see the US economy having a direct (though delayed) impact on the CR economy, this leading to the cooling off of real estate--land/existing home prices? If so, will a US economic upturn be delayed in its impact in CR? Thanks, ed
  6. I'm curious about the current state of the real estate market in Costa Rica. I am planning on relocating to CR in a couple of years, first for a test year renting a residence, and later possibly building something on a view property in the central valley---maybe close to the new road to the beach from Santa Ana/Ciudad Colon. I have received conflicting reports from friends currently residing in CR as to price trends/availability, any thoughts or observations on the subject will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, ed
  7. mediatica, thank you for the recommendation. Good business is just that no matter where you practice it. Regards, ed
  8. I will probably be looking in the area of Santa Ana-Ciudad Colon. Hope to attend seminar when I come down in Sept. Thanks for your replies. Ed
  9. From what I've read it seems more important to find a trustworthy lawyer and notary. Can you offer any advice on finding a good lawyer and notary? Thanks!
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