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  1. As my wife and I move down the TO DO list for our purchase in Costa Rica it seems that I get all of the tech related items. We will be at Playa Conchal. To date you folks out there have been a wonderful source of advise ..... so. Can you give me some practical suggestions. We presently have cell pones. On Cingular and one Verizon. We are told we can use them in Costa Rica but the air time will be quite expensive. The estimate is about $2.00 per minute. That is if we can connect. What are the realities of local service? As for cable TV, I don't know where to begin. So any info will help. Thanks. Tony
  2. Tony C

    Banking in Costa Rica

    Ryan, That is quite an eye opener. 30 % interest with 10 % devaluation. Now taht is waht I call a textbook problem for a statistics class. Thanks for the input and for the time. Again, I hope we will meet soon. Tony
  3. Tony C

    Banking in Costa Rica

    Ryan, Thanks for th reply. It is curious, if not unusual, that folks are happy to communicate on topics of less weight. But the truth is that if we each have to learn such serious lessons on our own, we shall be easy pickings for certain types. I infer that the colones for mortgages suggest a exchange rate issue. Is there a bank you would recommend and what type of mortgage rate should one ecxpect? Again, thanks for the attention. Tony C. ps Hope we may meet at tyhe seminar.
  4. As my wife and I work through the process of purchasing a home in Costa Rica we seem to be discovering the typical issues those of you, that have lead the way, must have solved. We knew that "banking" would be one of the real issues to deal with but I don't think we understood the magnitude of difference we would experience. We are looking for a bank in ( or "near" ) Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Any advise or experiences related to subjects dealing with colones/ dollars, mortgages and investing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, tony C.
  5. After reading the postings about e-mail and mail accounts, I am a bit lost. Presently, in the USA, I have a Comcast and Hotmail mail account. 1st. I have an ARCR membership and mail account. 2nd. I'll be moveing to Santa Cruz, at Playa Conchal, and as I recall dial-up is the only option at this time. 3r. Given #1 and if #2 is correct, what do you recommend? Tony C
  6. Tony C

    car rental

    Just spent a month in C.R. but only wanted to have a vehicle for weeks 2 + 4. To my total surprise a smaller rental company called Mapache gave me a good price BUT best of all they delivered the car ( it was very new/clean ) to my rather remote location and then came and collected it more than 100 miles from the first location. No problems. no hasssel and no extra charges. In fact the man that came ( by bus ) to collect it waited for more tan an hour ... Tony
  7. Tony C

    Vehicle Purchase

    Amy, Sorry I can't help with the Jeep. But would like to share some information .... don't know if it correct. Would appreciate your take on it. I am in the process of purchasing a home in Guanacaste. Spent a month there recently. My plan is to keep a car there. A Jeep was my plan ... like the Liberty. I was advised to select a maker and model that was "common" in C.R. As I traveled I saw some Jeeps but the most common samll SUV seemed to be the RAV4. I have begun to reserch them and have found a dealer. Don't know if thsi helps. Would like to hear your thoughts. Tony C
  8. Tony C


    Ryan, Where can I go to learn more abot the "INS pension fund" yoou mentioned? Thanks Tony
  9. Tony C

    Cars Buy? or Import?

    Juan, Thanks for the reply but can you tell me which option is the bettyer deal? Or is it just too complicated to import one's own car? Again, thank you. Tony
  10. Hello, I am new to the group ... guess you can tell. My wife and I are presently closing on a home in Santa Cruz, Guanacasta. We would need a car and I was thinking of a purchase here in the states and shipping the car to Cosat Rica. Looking at other web pages I have begun to wonder which option is the better? I would appreciate any advise about the issue of buying or bringing a car into the country. Thanks for your time. Tony C.

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