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  1. Anybody here had experience with a good plastic surgeon in Costa Rica? I'm looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  2. This has been a very interesting topic to follow. I have two things to add. I have been in the Caribbean (Puerto Viejo)for two years. One thing I really like about that area is the racial diversity. There are mostly Ticos and Afro-Caribbean Ticos, but there are also French, Spanish, lots of Italians and Argentineans, Germans and of course people from every North and South American country. Most everyone speaks Spanish, except the North Americans. Lots of people speak English. And everyone mixes freely. Inter racial couples are the norm, not the exception. My daughter and her boyfriend are a lovely vanilla and chocolate example. The Caribe Sur (south Caribbean) is a world unique to Costa Rica. Secondly, I've read almost all Isabelle Allende's books. She is an amazing South American author. In her book Ines of My Soul about the conquest and civilization of Chile in the early 1500s, she discusses the Spaniards' ethnic snobbery. Those from Spain looked down on all other races in South America. And even among themselves in Spain, the Hildagos saw themselves as better than their compatriots. These prejudices been have passed down for hundreds of years. In most Latin countries, today, lighter skin and purer Spanish blood is valued. But you know what? I think you can find that in any nationality. I bet if you looked into African history you would find the same kind of thing going on there among blacks. Everyone wants to be the best, the purest, the closest to God and people try to claim it by ethnicity. I grew up on the east coast of the U.S. My friends were Italian, Jewish, Lebanese, Syrian, Irish, and caucasian white. Maybe that is why I like the Caribbean in Costa Rica. Culture rocks!
  3. Thank you, John. And actually I will be back in Costa Rica in September. My daughter who came to visit me there 6 months ago stayed and my car is not sold (thanks for mentioning it) so I must go back. And really, I miss Costa Rica. If I can get this book project going and get some income from it then I can live anywhere, including Costa Rica!
  4. For those of who you have been reading my Costa Rica travel journals. Check out my newest post. A really good post in the Central America Forum called Who Made the Latin American People Poor? (http://central-america-forum.com/forum-topic/who-made-latin-american-people-poor) inspired me to post a related letter to the editor I wrote that was published in the Tico Times last month. Often in the letters to the editor in Costa Rica’s Tico Times, people rail on and on about all the problems and shortcomings of the country. I prefer a more positive outlook. My letter to the editor is called Give Your Kid Sister a Break: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/?p=702 What do you think? Thanks.
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